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An advantage of using our Free Conservative Press Release system is that it will maintain a library of approved and published press releases which you will find using the Published Releases link in the drop-down menu, immediately above.  So, make sure you put in no more than three URL links.

NOTE:   Of course, if the news target doesn't make its email public and all we have is a fax number, we'll send to the fax number in which case the link will not go through.  So, make sure you put your full links at the bottom of your text and we'll not include those in your word count.  It obviously pays to make your links as short as possible.  You can use our link shortening service at if you'd like.

NOTE:   Each proposed press release will be human-read.

If you follow these rules you have a much better chance of getting your Conservative Press Release accepted and published:

  1.     Use the who, what, when, where and why format for the first two paragraphs.  We publish press releases here, not op-ed articles.  Be succinct and relevant in the first two paragraphs.
  2.      Include a link if you wish to have images in your press release.  We do not allow images to be uploaded because of server security issues involving loaded images.  One or two images should be sufficient.
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  4.      The text from all Press Releases will be put into a MS Word page after being sifted through an anti-virus system.  If MS Word indicates your Press Release is larger than 1,000 words, the system will simply truncate the surplusage.  Thus, if you're wordy, it will pay to put all of the grit in the first 1,000 words.

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