Charles Benninghoff: Slap Soros For Sowing American Anarchy

Charles Benninghoff: Slap Soros For Sowing American Anarchy

Soros Crime Family is funding groups to sow Anarchy Across America and shut down our constitutional rights. Demand that Soros be prosecuted at


That was Senator Tom Cotton’s Town Hall meeting in Arkansas last night.

For almost two hours, the Senator was practically unable to get a word in.

That’s because every person who you saw waving a red and white card in the video… is a trained operative sent to disrupt your constitutional right to go and speak and listen to your conservative Members of Congress.

This is happening at GOP Town Hall meetings all across the country.

Dozens of leftwing groups are participating in this action to undermine America and ALL of those groups have one thing in common.

The groups all have the same globalist “sugar daddy” and that is billionaire hedge fund manager George Soros.

Soros - a man who thrives on making anarchy in fact uses anarchy to make billions - never forget this lesson: Soros’ Open Society is all about him making money for his crime family!

I’ve talked about George Soros, his family and his Open Society Foundation in previous videos, so be sure to subscribe to this channel and you’ll find those other videos to be very informative.

The Open Society Foundation believes in open borders and one nation covering the entire planet, with just a tiny group of elites ruling over the rest of the human population which is enslaved to that global government.

That is what the Open Society Foundation believes and it is what George Soros’ goal is for YOUR family.

Soros needs to be investigated and prosecuted for this conspiracy against America and I’ll tell you how you can help make that happen.

Let me explain what’s happening across America right now.

Congress is in recess and the Members are holding Town Hall meetings with their constituents.

Earlier this month, Move On dot-org, Barack Obama’s Organizing for Action Group, and another group called “Indivisible” all started holding training sessions and distributing training manuals to their volunteers and paid agitators.

The plan was to blanket the country with protests at GOP Town Hall meetings.

These activists pose as Republicans who support open borders and Obamacare.

The agitators are trying to use the “Isolate and Swarm” tactic that social justice mobs have perfected on Twitter and other social media platforms.

They hope to make Republicans in Congress feel like their conservative base suddenly has a newfound love and respect for Obama’s policies.

They will either henpeck the conservative to death or die trying.

In some of these Town Hall meetings, things have gotten so out of control and violent that Representatives had to flee under the protection of armed guards.

So far, these agitators have disrupted constituent meetings in California, Iowa, Illinois, Texas, Arkansas, Oregon, Missouri, Wisconsin, Florida and Ohio.

And the following list of leftwing organizations is participating in this action, according to their Twitter feeds:

Planned Parenthood
NARAL, which is another abortion lobbying group
Indivisible, which was founded by a member of the Mexican supremacist group “La Raza”
Barack Obama’s Organizing for Action
Move On dot-org
The Working Families Party, which a socialist group that is so far to the left that they probably think Bernie Sanders is too conservative for them.

Go to our Action Page today. Don’t forget, we have all of those training manuals available today so you can download them, read them and see for yourself what the globalists are doing at Town Hall meetings.

But also, you need to speak out from our Action Page by sending Personal Letters to Congress.
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