FREEBI Campaign to impeach treasonous Senator John McCain who Trump says is the White House Leaker: Demand impeachment of Leaker McCain at


Insiders in the Trump White House say that Senator John McCain of Arizona is the treasonous leaker of our government’s topmost secrets!

If true, McCain deserves to be executed by a 99-soldier firing squad.

As reported on the conservative news site “True Pundit,” John McCain’s recent public statements lead White House staffers to firmly conclude that John McCain has heard the contents of President Trump’s private, classified phone calls with world leaders.

It’s believed that McCain is listening in on the President’s phone calls and that he is one of the primary leaks who is giving the contents of those phone calls to the media.

McCain Must be impeached for his treasonous actions.

We the people are going to impeach him!

This is so vitally important to our nation that I want to offer you the opportunity to participate in this campaign for free.

I’ll let you know how you can use our system to send a Personal Letter to President Trump today demanding that John McCain be impeached and removed from office!

You can easily find that video in my Youtube playlist.

Someone was recording the President’s phone calls and had leaked private, classified conversations between Trump and the Presidents of Mexico and Australia to the media.

That is treasonous activity and people go to jail for leaking things to the press -- as long as their case is not heard by an Obama-appointed judge.

Well, something very strange happened last week that set the Trump White House on edge.

A YouTube video surfaced of a young Russian comedian who placed a prank call to Senator McCain’s office.

The comedian posed as the Ukraine Prime Minister and he got McCain on the phone for an 11-minute recorded conversation -- and then posted the entire conversation on YouTube as a comic video.

The prank caller is obviously a kid in his 20s and yet McCain refers to him over and over again as “my dear friend” as if he has known the guy for years.

McCain reveals secret information to the prankster that the Pentagon will be sending lethal defensive weapons to the Ukraine later this year to fight Vladimir Putin.

How do you like that? A United States senator telling our nation’s top secrets over a public - non-secure - telephone line to a young comedian.

Just for fun, I have also posted two documents on our Action Page today, courtesy of WikiLeaks.

The first is a letter that Senator McCain sent to the Russian ambassador in New York City begging for money in September of 2008 for his then-presidential campaign.

The second document is the angry letter that the Russian ambassador sent back to Senator McCain reminding him that the Russian government does not donate money to foreign political campaigns because it is ILLEGAL.

So, please join me in this effort to rid America of a warped soldier gone missing and help keep America’s secrets what they should be - secret.
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