Charles Benninghoff: Obama’s Shadow Government Outright Treason

Charles Benninghoff: Obama’s Shadow Government Outright Treason

Obama’s 30K-strong shadow government outright treason. Fight Obama’s overthrow of America at


Barack Obama has set up a shadow government through a 501C4 he has named “Organizing for Action.”

This 501C4 organization is a tax-exempt corporation authorized by the IRS to collect money and offer tax deductions to the donors.

Obama’s Organizing for Action entity is now paying agitators to protest the America First movement because “America First” is a total rejection of Obama’s globalist worldview, a view where there is no nation, no border and every living thing in the world will be governed by the United Nations.

Today I’ll tell explain why Obama’s shadow government is a major threat to your freedom and constitutional rights.

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Obama is reportedly outraged that America has rejected his totalitarian progressive agenda by electing President Trump.

So to protect his legacy, Obama took his political action committee that was formerly known as Organizing for America… and switched it from a registered Political Action Committee over to a tax-exempt 501C4 organization… which means now he doesn’t have to publicly disclose his donors.

The machinery of Obama’s 2012 campaign committee is now known as “Organizing for Action.” The name has changed slightly but the syndicate, indeed, the Obama crime family members and objectives remain the same.

Instead of quietly going away, Obama has rented an 8-bedroom mansion just two miles away from the White House from which he is directing Organizing for Action.

Here is where it gets really interesting.

According to the New York Post, Obama’s Organizing for Action group is partnered with another group called “Indivisible.”

I can absolutely confirm today that Indivisible founder is a person named “Angel Padilla” who is a member of the radical Mexican-supremacist group known as La Raza.

Mr. Padilla, as does Obama, also receives funding directly from George Soros’s Open Society Foundation.

According to the New York Post, Indivisible is providing training manuals to Obama’s group and from those manuals Obama’s private army is learning how to disrupt Republican Town Hall meetings.

First, they go in as a group quietly… so they don’t spook the police right away.

They are taught to split up in pairs and spread out through the venue to make it appear as if the opposition is widespread.

The paid agitators are urged to ask hostile questions and to loudly “boo” the GOP politicians if they give a conservative-sounding answer to the question.

They are also told to approach the hotels, meetings places, city halls, and similar locations that host the Town Hall meeting and accuse the owner or operator (for example a chain of hotels or the management of a city) of promoting Trump’s racism.

They want to deny GOP Members of Congress a venue to speak from and they want to give an impression that there is widespread opposition to repealing Obamacare and other Obama legacy platform items.

Obama’s O4A group in my personal opinion borders on being a criminal organization under 18 USC 241 and I believe O4A is an impermissible organization under IRS rules and should be shut down.

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