Oroville Dam Crackup Happened Because America is not First

Oroville Dam Crackup Happened Because America is not First

The impending failure of Oroville Dam is caused by immunity uniquely given to public sector labor union goons who must become liable for their incompetence! See: https://www.tpa.us/ds

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If America thinks that unvetted Syrian refugees would be bad for your local community, just wait until a couple of million Californians show up on your doorstep!

Does that sound farfetched?

Well take a look at the Oroville Dam in California right now.

188,000 people have been forced to evacuate their homes because the Oroville Dam - the tallest dam in the United States -- may be about to collapse!

You might think that this is just a California problem but believe me, when that dam collapses, YOU will be paying for the consequences.

The rest of America will be asked to foot the bill because federal bureaucrats are SHIELDED from liability when their incompetence causes trillions of dollars in damages.

Why should a lifelong bureaucrat be shielded from lawsuits for negligence when a person in the private sector is not?

We need to change federal law so that bureaucrats are not shielded from liability so that in the future, government employees will speak out instead of sitting there silently when an Oroville Dam situation arises.

The Oroville Dam was built in the 1960s.

The dam itself is concrete and it looks okay for now.

If you look at it from an aerial view, you can see that there is one main spillway which is also concrete.

Then next to the main spillway is an EMERGENCY spillway that is a half-mile of dirt… just dirt…

Guess what?

The emergency spillway is collapsing, the dirt is running downstream in deluges of water.

Again, this is because so much water backed up in Oroville dam that the main concrete spillway could not handle the overflow and when they could not drain the water fast enough, it started flowing over the dirt EMERGENCY spillway to the west of the concrete spillway.

The dirt is eroding.

If that wall of dirt weakens enough and collapses, the dam itself will possibly collapse and the city of Oroville, California will be a hundred feet underwater within about an hour.

Then that massive wall of water is expected to continue down the Feather River flooding Yuba City and other towns along the way.

If that dam collapses, there is nowhere for the water to go right now because towns all the way down to Stockton are currently flooding.

How does this happen?

Well, it happens when state and federal officials don’t put America first.

It happens when state and federal officials are completely protected from liability for even the most egregious incompetence and malfeasance.

You can’t sue a federal or state employee.

They could have spent $10 or $50 or even $100 million dollars a decade ago to reinforce the dirt emergency spillway with a concrete-covered water relief avenue.

So now, the American taxpayers could be looking at a bill that totals in the hundreds of billions of dollars or even a trillion dollars if that Oroville Dam collapses when the rain starts pouring again on Wednesday!

Again -- no one in the frigging government is liable.

The federal bureaucrats who turned their back on this are not liable, state bureaucrats are not liable. But YOU are!

Your tax dollars will be spent to bail out California if the unthinkable happens and two or three cities are buried under a lake or 100 meters of mud.

If there were a consequence for this type of negligence, it would go a long way toward eliminating problems like this.

We need changes to our liability laws so that bureaucrats who cost the American taxpayers billions of dollars through negligence have to pay a cost.

So, if YOU are not going to take it anymore and YOU are not going to be a big SUCKER, go to our Action Page today and speak out to Congress, starting with the House Ways & Means Committee.

You can send Personal Letters to Congress letting them know that you are outraged that the state and federal governments chose to prioritize illegal aliens instead of fixing the Oroville Dam 12 years ago.

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