Charles Benninghoff: Demand US Vote Fraud Investigation Now!

Charles Benninghoff: Demand US Vote Fraud Investigation Now!

Americans must demand Congress investigate the widespread vote fraud committed by sanctuary states like CA, NY and IL in the 2016 election. See


Mainstream media, the Democrat Party and the Republican leadership have circled the wagons and agreed on a narrative that they want you to believe.

Here is their mantra for the latest narrative:

Quote… “There is no evidence of voter fraud.” ...End quote.

They’re saying this over and over and over again in hopes that you will believe it’s true.

President Trump says it’s possible that between three and five million illegal votes were cast in the 2016 election which was more than enough to sway the popular vote in favor of Hillary Clinton.

I say that Trump’s estimate is low-ball. The amount surely is higher.

In fact, I think there could have been 10 to 15 million illegal votes cast in November and I’m going to prove that this is possible today.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell -- the Coward of Kentucky -- is repeating the media mantra and claiming there is “no evidence” of voter fraud on a mass scale by the Democrat Party.

Well, I say it is long past time for the Attorney General to conduct a nationwide investigation into voter fraud which only benefits the Democrat Party, the party of liars, cheats, thieves, lunatics and illegal aliens.

We the people need to stand up and demand a federal investigation of voter fraud and today I’ll tell you how you can speak out and participate.

We need your help with this issue.

This will seem like ancient history to some, but the Republican Party is paralyzed on voter fraud because of something that happened in New Jersey back in 1981.

Here is what happened.

The Republican National Committee and the Republican State Committee in New Jersey sent out voter response cards across the state.

They suspected that mass voter fraud was happening.

So their plan was to challenge the votes of any person whose voter response card came back from the Post Office as “undeliverable.”

The Democrats claimed that this perfectly sensible and legal plan was racist and sued the Republican National Committee under the 14th and 15th amendments to the Constitution.

Now… what happened next is a mystery to me because it happened so long ago and I wasn’t there.

But rather than take on the Democrat Party for voter fraud, the RNC chose to enter a consent decree to settle out of court with the Democrats.

According to the ‘James Madison Center’ which litigates voter fraud cases across the country, this 1981 consent decree has crippled Republicans from investigating voter fraud for decades.

This idiotic agreement from 36 years ago is why Mitch McConnell wets his pants on national TV at the idea of investigating voter fraud.

The Democrats pull out this consent decree every time the Republican Party tries conduct an investigation.

And the Democrats have now had 36 years to build an entrenched voter fraud apparatus.

Go to our Action Page today and send Personalized Letters to Congress. Demand a national investigation by the Attorney General’s office into the widespread, institutionalized voter fraud by the Democrat Party.

The future of our country depends on this and you can be a part of overturning the establishment political order that has been ruining America.

We need your help, so please speak out today.
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