Charles Benninghoff: STOP Rich Communists Donating to Congress

Charles Benninghoff: STOP Rich Communists Donating to Congress

Beltway Boys protect Chinese Communist EB-5 visa holders to get political donations America must stop this foreign political corruption


Senators and Congress Members are taking bribes directly from Chinese Communists who bring huge sums of cash directly from the Communist banking system for the specific purpose of bribing our elected officials.

How is this done? This process will - or at least should - shock you:

There is a visa program that has been in existence for years that helps to line the pockets of Senators, Congress Members and the politically connected in Washington, D.C. that I’m going to tell you about.

It’s called the “EB-5” visa program.

What a sham!

It would be nice if President Trump could just shut it down on his own but this is a program that is politically entrenched and it will require a bill on the President’s desk to kill the EB-5 program.

The problem is that the Republican and Democrat leadership in the House and Senate LIKE the EB-5 program.

They’re getting rich from this program!

Today I’ll let you know more about the EB-5 fraud and I’ll tell you about a bill to abolish it. And we need your help to get this program eradicated and send all of the Chicom government bribers back to their rice bowl.

The bill is S. 232 - “A bill to terminate the EB-5 visa program.”

So what is the EB-5 program?

Get a load of this.

A wealthy member of the Chinese Communist Party who is dedicated to the overthrow of the United States can apply to the federal government for an EB-5 visa.

As well, a devout Muslim Jihadist Imam can do the same.

All they have to do is promise to invest $500,000 to create jobs in a depressed zip code, usually in a rural area, and they’re in!

An Inspector General report in 2015 discovered that there was no oversight of this program whatsoever.

So as a result, the program is being used to funnel rich anti-American foreigners into the country and let them jump to the front of the line for an automatic green card.

Most of the foreigners receiving EB-5 visas come direct from the Halls of the Chinese Communist Revolutionary Machine.

Now what is the significance of this? Why is this issue so important?

Well, as soon as a person has a green card… they are legally allowed to make political contributions, according to the Federal Election Commission!

Here is where things get really shady.

In September of 2016, the Department of Homeland Security shut down the Virginia Center for Foreign Investment and Job Creation.

Nice name, right?

This EB-5 visa center was shut down because it was selling visas to rich Communists and Jihadis and these foreigners were not creating any jobs anywhere in the United States.

The man running the Virginia green card mill was a guy named Tony Rodham.

Rodham… Rodham… That name sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

That’s because he is Hillary Clinton’s brother!

To put it as simply as possible, this is a fraudulent program designed to bring wealthy foreign political donors into the country and allow them to make political contributions that would be illegal if they did not have a green card!

No wonder Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan refused to allow a vote on it in December!

Senator Chuck Grassley from Iowa is one of the only politicians in Washington, D.C. who has spoken out against this EB-5 program.

Here is how you can help.

Go to our Action Page today and send Personalized Letters to Congress. Tell them to shut this fraudulent foreign money program down.
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