Overturn Obamacare to Let Free Market Work

Author: Charles Benninghoff


Overturn Obamacare To Let Free Market Work


Who asked for a replacement of #Obamacare?

Was it you?

I know it wasn’t me.

If you think about it, I bet you don’t know anyone who sits around dreaming of a replacement for the #epic failure known as #Obamacare.

Voters have been demanding the full #repeal of #Obamacare for six years now, not a replacement. Yet if you turn on the TV, all of the talking heads are insisting that unless a replacement plan is in place simultaneously with a #repeal, the sky will fall or an asteroid will strike the earth.

Doom and gloom will surely result, they tell us, unless we replace one government #healthcare scheme with another.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t the talking heads who are insisting on an #Obamacare replacement plan the same folks who predicted for a year-and-a-half that #Donald Trump’s campaign was doomed to fail.

Their track record should tell you what their predictions are worth. We don’t need them and we don’t need a #replacement plan!

In fact, today I want to tell you how #Obamacare can be repealed AND we can lower the health care costs for everyone by massive amounts at the same time making healthcare available to everyone -- and it requires no Obamacare replacement plan at all. We need your help to get #Congress to do the right thing and I’ll let you know how you can take part in this historic effort.

First, let’s give credit where credit is due. There are a few members of Congress who are already at least partly on the right page when it comes to this issue. They’re saying we should just #repeal #Obamacare and not worry about replacing it with a new Republican plan that will be just as doomed to failure as Obamacare. One of them is Congressman #Louie Gohmert of Texas and here’s what he had to say on repealing Obamacare on Fox News...

Congressman Gohmert is almost there… almost! Just one step further and his plan would be perfect, so let me tell you about that.

Here is the issue with medical costs in America. Despite everything that you believe about #Obamacare, every state in the union is allowed -- under current law -- to regulate the medical services delivered, who or what is allowed to deliver services, and the COST that can be charged for delivering such services.

Every state has its own Department of Insurance and each state is susceptible to being lobbied by one local insurance carrier or provider.

The result of this is a series of virtual healthcare monopolies granted by every state government.

And with every government-imposed #monopoly, you get top-down monopoly-like pricing for services. These monopolies are relatively new in America. Not too many years ago, you could afford to go without
#health insurance, especially if you were younger. If you really HAD to go to the hospital for something, say a broken arm for example, you could just pay for care out-of-pocket and it would only run you $300 or $400.

One of my friends just posted on Facebook her parents’ bill for her delivery in the 1950s: $270 … yes, believe it or not!

But with state #monopolies set up AND on top of that, a federal mandate requiring you to buy #insurance, costs have skyrocketed beyond belief.

Why? Because these laws give #monopoly power to #healthcare providers.

The proliferation of ruling jurisdictions within states is the reason for sky-high #healthcare costs.

America has the highest medical care costs in the world and this is not the fault of the medical profession, the hospitals, the billing companies or even the drug companies as some like to claim.

Our costs are high because of states give monopolies on health care to providers like MDs, registered nurses and health #insurance companies.

So instead of repealing and replacing #Obamacare, what Congress needs to do is repeal Obamacare and then repeal the state-imposed monopolies. Costs for medical care would plummet if we do those two things.

Some might worry that health insurance companies would go broke if we take away the monopolies, but so what? The horse-and-buggy manufacturers complained about Henry Ford, but the free market won that argument and you’re probably happy that you don’t need to shovel all that horse manure. And don’t forget, #President Trump himself talked about getting rid of these artificially-imposed monopolies during the Republican Primaries. Take a look…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ks6DApUPac

The Constitution gives the Legislative branch, Congress, the authority to regulate interstate commerce in Article I, Section 8.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that states should be stipped of the power to regulate the actions of MDs or nurses or hospitals licensed in their state. Someone has to be the doc-cop.

Thus, every state must have the continuing right to license #health insurance companies but no state should have the right to exclude an insurance company licensed by another state; which happens now. Yet, Congress is NOT doing its duty by allowing every state to set itself up as a #monopoly jurisdiction. And if ever there was an industry that qualifies as interstate commerce, it is #healthcare in modern America. America treats medical care like it’s coming from Doctor Jones’ home visits of the 1880s.

In other words, just like in the 1880s when Dr. Jones may well have bled a patient, alleging it would cure the patient of evil humours, modern medicine as now applied in America is bleeding all Americans of their life's blood in order to justify an antiquated, hugely over-priced, redundant and monopolized health system.

#Repeal Obamacare and then pass a law rendering all state and local regulations of medical care to be null and void.

In addition, declare that no state, county or local jurisdiction can pass a law or regulation that impacts the delivery of medical services, goods or equipment.

That’s it!

No #Republican form of #Obamacare replacement is required!
If there is no state input in the delivery of medical services, there are no monopolies and no monopoly-like price fixing which is always a system of kickbacks, bribes, luxury vacations disguised as fact-finding trips or other fraud being paid for by charging patients $300 for a single Tylenol pill!

The Republican leadership in Congress that keeps talking about an Obamacare replacement plan is going to wreck the entire repeal effort if we don’t get in front of them and tell them to stick to the original plan -- which is to just #repeal Obamacare.

We need your help to carry all of this out.

We need you to send Personalized Letters to Congress, starting with the House Way & Means Committee.

You can do that from our Action Page today. The message is simple: Repeal Obamacare and repeal the state-imposed monopolies on medical care.

We already have a Personalized Letter written for you to use, or you can edit the letter on our Action Page to add your own comments. Do it now!

This is Charles Benninghoff signing off and wishing you freedom, fulfillment and God’s many blessings.
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