Charles Benninghoff: The Expatriate Terrorist Act

Charles Benninghoff: The Expatriate Terrorist Act

Senator Ted Cruz’ “Expatriate Terrorist Act” is a bill that would have revoked the Orlando Muslim shooters citizenship years ago and should be passed; Learn more at:

The Orlando massacre carried out by a homosexual Muslim could have been prevented… if the federal government had left him stuck in Saudi Arabia during one of his two terror-training trips there.

This is Charles Benninghoff and today I want to discuss why we are supporting the Expatriate Terrorist Act which is Senate bill 247 and House bill 503.

The media and Democrats are predictably attacking the Second Amendment’s right to keep and bear arms this week.

They want you to believe that gun ownership somehow contributed to the Muslim Omar Mateen’s self-loathing homosexual rampage in Florida that left 49 people dead and 53 wounded.

The real cause of the attack is our insane Muslim immigration policy that permits entry to anyone from Muslim countries, even if they are known terrorists.

If you would like to get involved and demand that Congress pass the Expatriate Terrorist Act, just mouse over the video screen or tap your mobile device.

Omar Mateen was an anchor baby born to Muslim immigrant parents.

But what if Mateen had been stranded in Saudi Arabia when he visited that country in 2011 and again 2012?

Those two trips did not raise any red flags with our Muslim Brotherhood-controlled Department of Homeland Security!

Now the FBI is trying to figure out where Mateen went during those trips and who he met with.

Hopefully the agents are also looking for the three or four additional killers who eyewitnesses say attacked the nightclub.

If the Expatriate Terrorist Act were in effect and being enforced by the federal government, Mateen could have had his passport and his citizenship revoked during his trips to Saudi Arabia.

He would have been stuck over there and would never have been able to carry out his massacre in Orlando.

Anytime a person travels overseas and makes contact with terrorist groups in the Middle East or pledges allegiance to the Islamic State or another group, the federal government would be able to revoke their citizenship and their passport under the Expatriate Terrorist Act.

Muslim immigrants and refugees and anchor babies who grow up to be terrorists like Omar Mateen, would be stranded overseas and unable to get back into America to wage jihad against us.

It is insane to keep allowing Muslims to travel overseas where they receive combat training and terrorism training, and then we let them back in!

We don’t need gun control in America, we need Muslim immigration control and this bill could be a slam dunk in Congress if enough of us speak out.

Obama keeps importing terrorist in the guise of refugees. In doing so he has had more mass murders in his eight years than the previous four presidents. It is Obama who needs to be outlawed, not our freedom-delivering guns.

IN the last couple of days, another Obama “refugee” crossing illegally into Texas was found carrying a set of schematic drawings of our natural gas pipeline system… explosions anyone?

Returning to the Expatriate Terrorist Act, America needs your help right now to convince Congress to pass this legislation, so please help us drown out the stupid calls for gun control with our calls for sensible reforms to keep terrorists out of the country.

Click the icon in the upper right corner. Go to our Action Page where you can send Personalized Letters to Congress in support of the Expatriate Terrorist Act!

This is Charles Benninghoff signing off and wishing you freedom, fulfillment and God’s many blessings.

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