Charles Benninghoff: No Asylum for Terrorists

Charles Benninghoff: No Asylum for Terrorists

Obama recruits known terrorists and when they claim refugee asylum BAM they're admitted. Demand action to close Obama's terrorist loopholes NOW at:

What do you suppose happens when the Border Patrol catches known terrorists sneaking in from Mexico, across a stretch of American land just like the scene behind me?

If you work for the Obama administration, you just set the terrorists free and call them Syrian refugees… as long as the terrorists know how to pronounce the word “asylum” in the language of their choosing.

This is Charles Benninghoff and today I’ll be talking about a piece of legislation called the Asylum Reform Act, designated as HR 1153 and referred to as the ARA.

If you think that the Obama administration should be prevented from turning terrorists loose in America, please go to our Action Page on our website.

To get there, mouse over the video screen on your PC or tap your mobile device and then click the icon appearing in the upper righthand corner.

From there you can send personalized letters to Congress, starting with the House Foreign Affairs Committee, in support of the ARA. You can also read a copy of the bill on our Action Page.

Why this bill is needed is beyond the pale, unbelievable, almost impossible to comprehend.

The Washington Times reports that a group of men from Pakistan and Afghanistan were caught 15 miles into Arizona.

The men immediately demanded asylum as refugees - a trick taught at terrorist camps in Cuba.

The Border Patrol ran the men’s names through its database and nothing turned up.

But when they ran a second check against the FBI’s database, it turned out that one of the men was a known terrorist plotting an attack against the United States.

The terrorist is in custody but the other five accomplices were turned loose and according to Congressman Duncan Hunter of California, they’ve disappeared.

Congressman Hunter stated that the biometric markers listed in the different background check systems -- the FBI, DHS, Border Patrol and so forth -- do not match up.

This means that one database might say a known terrorist is 6-foot-1 and another database might say he’s 5-foot-3.

Plus, the background check system is such a mess that a known terrorist did not trigger any red flags in the Border Patrol’s database.

The Asylum Reform Act which we are supporting prohibits Obama’s Secretary of Homeland Security from playing catch-and-release with suspected and known terrorists posing as refugees.

Obama’s Homeland Security Secretary right now has the authority to parole anyone asking for asylum, even if they clearly do not fit the definition of a refugee - a fact widely known by terrorists AND which is clearly why these five men who came to America with a known terrorist have now vanished.

The ARA bill will require more information sharing between agencies so Obama’s terrorist sympathizers in DHS cannot continue hiding known terrorists.

This is crazy. It is sickening!

The Obama administration clearly believes America has no borders.

And problems like this do not change unless patriots make a big enough stink about it with Congress.

We all have to speak out.

Click the link in the upper right corner to go to our Action Page if you’re not already there. Send Personalized Letters to Congress using our system.

Tell the House to support and pass the Asylum Reform Act so we can stop Obama from unleashing terrorists on the United States.

This is Charles Benninghoff signing off and wishing you freedom, fulfillment and God’s many blessings.

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