Charles Benninghoff: Paul Ryan Just Betrayed America

Charles Benninghoff: Paul Ryan Just Betrayed America

The Mad Mullah from Madison - Wisconsin, that is - Lyin' Paul Ryan enacts Obama's plans to let illegal aliens & unvetted Muslims serve in US military. Not a conservative! Tell Congress to dump & fire Paul Ryan at:
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It grieves me, distresses me in fact, to receive personal messages from my online followers either attacking me for my stance on Paul Ryan or simply supporting Ryan.

These folks are not looking at the facts or, if they are, they’re doing so through the proverbial rose-colored lenses.

Here is a new case against Ryan that if it doesn’t shock you, then there may well be NO level of complicity in an elected leader that will for...

Surely the Republican leadership in Congress agrees with the American people that illegal aliens and unvetted Muslim refugees should not be serving in the US military.

That would never happen in America, right?

Well, keep watching.

Hello, this is Charles Benninghoff and today I’ll be talking about the latest stunt pulled by the Mad Mullah from Madison -- Wisconsin, that is -- Lyin’ Paul Ryan who just stabbed America in the back once again.

We are calling on Congress to dump Lyin’ Ryan and replace him with a true conservative Speaker of the House.

Paul Ryan betrayed House conservatives and allowed another one of Barack Obama’s amnesty for illegal alien policies to stay in place.

If you want to go to our Action Page and help with this effort, just mouse over the video screen on your PC or tap the screen on your smartphone, and then click the icon that appears in the upper right-hand corner at any time. Apple users can find the link to our Action Page below.

From there, you can send Personalized Messages to Congress demanding that Paul Ryan be fired as House Speaker.

If you think that Pray For US is out on the fringe on this issue, by demanding that Lyin’ Ryan be fired, you should know this.

The latest polling shows that 60% of Republicans in America no longer trust Paul Ryan’s leadership.

When Lyin’ Ryan said he was not ready to support the Republican presidential nominee, Sean Hannity of Fox News fired back with this…

Hannity also vented his anger on Twitter, stating that Paul Ryan says, “The hell with what the voters think. The circular firing squad is now being led by Speaker Ryan.”

While the media was focused on the presidential politics, Paul Ryan betrayed America on behalf of Obama yet again.

Last week the House was marking up the National Defense Authorization Act also known as the N-D-A-A.

Obama has been filling available slots in US military programs with aliens, which could range from drug cartel members to unvetted Muslim illegals - creating an army of unpatriotic, money-driven mercenaries.

These appointments give illegals a fast track to citizenship and voting rights, possibly in time for the election.

House conservatives offered amendments to plug this amnesty loophole and prevent Obama from giving military jobs to illegal aliens.

Paul Ryan blocked those amendments.

A little bit of history is needed to explain why this is so serious.

Rome was sacked in the fifth century by one of its own armies.

The Visigoths were barbarian mercenaries from Germanic tribes that were employed by the Roman empire.

These foreign armies were called “Foederati”.

Because they were foreigners, they had no loyalty to the Roman empire and eventually attacked and sacked Rome in the year 410.

Paul Ryan and Barack Obama are setting up a modern-day “Foederati” army in America by filling US military slots with illegal aliens, unvetted Muslims and anyone BUT Americans!

We say it’s time for Paul Ryan to be dumped and fired by the House.

America needs a new Speaker who sides with the American people against Obama.

Take action on this today! Click the icon in the upper right corner of the screen, go to our Action Page and contact Congress.

Do it now!

This is Charles Benninghoff signing off and wishing you freedom, fulfillment and God’s many blessings.

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