Charles Benninghoff Debunks Obama’s Climate Liar Treaty

Charles Benninghoff Debunks Obama’s Climate Liar Treaty

Obama's global warming "Paris Accord" treaty is based on a scientific HOAX and I prove it in this video using the Climate Liars' own data:

Did you know… All environmentalists worry about their “carbon footprint”?

Would you like to know how they calculate their carbon footprint?

It’s really easy to do if you employ the methods used by the leading climate scientists…

Just make up the numbers out of thin air!

Hello, this Charles Benninghoff and today I’m going to be talking about facts proving global warming is a hoax.

Global warming is the modern-day equivalent of P.T. Barnum - the guy who founded the Barnum & Bailey Circus - sewing a dead monkey together and a dead fish and calling the grotesque result a mermaid, so he could charge every sucker a nickel to come into the circus tent and look at it.

Just like Barnum’s mermaid, global warming is a complete and utter hoax.

In November 2015, Barack Obama signed the so-called “Paris Accord” at the climate change summit in Paris, France.

All of the other countries that signed the agreement are calling it a “universal climate treaty”.

Obama and the global warming zealot Democrats are calling it an “accord” or an “agreement” and claiming it is not a treaty.

Don’t you find that curious?

Congress has not voted on the Paris treaty, BUT…

Just days after Obama signed it, Congress began implementing this treaty.

House Speaker Paul Ryan’s bloated budget that was passed last year granted the United Nations $500 million American taxpayer dollars to begin implementing the Paris Accord.

In other words this process is already in motion and if we do not take action to stop it, the Paris Accord will become the law of the land in America in spite of Congress never even taking a vote on it!

Senators Rand Paul of Kentucky and Pat Roberts of Kansas have introduced Senate Resolution 290 which would declare the Paris Accord to be a treaty if passed.

If the Paris Accord is dealt with as a treaty it requires the advice and consent of the Senate and we know that will be enough to sink it.

But YOU have to get involved in order to prevent this hoax from being implemented.

Just click the link appearing on your screen and that will take you to our Action Page where you can easily send personalized, editable letters to Congress in support of Senate Resolution 290.

Click the link and speak out because Congress listens to the American people when we rise up and make our will known to them.

We are simply restating information from public sector labor union scientists.

We’ll start with a map of global surface temperatures.

80-percent of the entire surface of the earth has no recorded temperatures for NASA to analyze.

This presents a problem if you’re a wild-eyed zealot from the cult of global warming.

How do you prove that global warming is real when 80% of the data you need to prove your point… not only does not exist but can prove the opposite?

You wouldn’t want climate change deniers and climate skeptics pointing this out to people.

So to solve that, NASA wrote a computer program to make educated guesses and fill in the blanks!

Here is what the map looks like after a computer model fills the 80% area where there is no temperature data.

The oceans are completely covered with computerized guesses which show that temperatures were warmer than the 30-year average.

However, pink is not a very scary color when you’re trying to convince a nation of people to surrender their national sovereignty to the UN, so you need to come up with one more map.

Here it is…

All of the scary blood-red locations on THIS map show where we had record high temperatures in 2015, the so-called “hottest year on record.”

The oceans are boiling! They’re red-hot according to the computer program that scientists use to guess at what the temperatures are.

Guess which map these agencies show to the politicians?

The book of First John in the Bible says in Chapter 4, verse 1, “Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world.”

The Paris treaty is based on lies from false prophets claiming to have divine inspiration.

Their carbon calculators have no batteries in them and they are simply making up numbers to claim that the earth is getting hotter.

Stay tuned because the next screen will have detailed instructions on how you can go to our Action Page and send your Personalized Messages to Congress.

This is Charles Benninghoff signing off and wishing you freedom, fulfillment and God’s many blessings.

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