Charles Benninghoff: Put America First for Memorial Weekend 2016

Charles Benninghoff: Put America First for Memorial Weekend 2016

Put America First this Memorial weekend & receive a special gift from the pro-America, patriotic Christian church Pray For US - Pray For The United States at:

I have a beautiful and patriotic gift for you if you participate meaningfully in this America First action campaign.

Hello, this is Charles Benninghoff and today I’ll be talking about the enemies of freedom who are working to destroy America, our way of life and our Second Amendment: The United Nations, otherwise known as the UN!

I am supporting legislation to prohibit American taxpayer dollars from funding the UN and any of its various agencies.

The specific bill is designated as HR 2757 in Congress and it was sponsored by Representative Brian Babin of Texas.

I believe that Congress and the American people should put America first and what better time could there be to share this message with everyone than Memorial weekend?

If you elect a $50 or more participation campaign level today you’ll also receive a special patriotic gift: My limited edition brooch of George Washington praying at Valley Forge.

I decided to commemorate that crucial moment in American history and I designed this brooch based on the Pray For US logo which depicts Washington in prayer in the snow at Valley Forge.

We have very limited quantities of these cloisonne brooches and they are Grade A+ in QUALITY.

It’s a great way to show your patriotism for Memorial weekend and it’s also a great conversation-starter if you want to talk to others about America’s Christian roots as a nation.

These cloisonne brooches come direct to you from us in nice presentation boxes and are a fit gift for your family, friends or acquaintances.

If you share that belief and you think it is insane for America to continue paying the salaries of the bureaucrats at the Muslim-controlled UN, click the link on your screen now to be taken to our Action Page.

From there you can take action and tell Congress to support the HR 2757 legislation to defund the anti-American United Nations.

Now, here are the details on our America First campaign to defund the United Nations.

The United Nations publicly claims that America pays about 22 percent of its operating budget which amounts to about $3 billion per year.

That figure is a lie but it is still an outrageous amount.

That 22 percent is basically the operating budget the United Nations headquarters in New York, as well as the global so-called “peacekeeping” operations which are always being exposed as massive child molesting and exploitation operations.

Why should Americans be paying for these bureaucrats fleets of Rolls Royces, private jets and harems of wives?

According to the US Office of Management and Budget, that 22-percent figure doesn’t take into account the funds that are distributed to UN agencies by federal agencies.

For example, the Department of Agriculture gives your tax dollars to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization.

The Department of Energy gives money to the International Atomic Energy Agency.

And so on.

Here’s an outrageous fact.

For 60 years the executive branch was required to report UN funding amounts to Congress.

That reporting requirement expired in 2011!

In other words, Congress doesn’t even know exactly how much money Obama is giving to the Muslim-controlled UN.

No one does!

If you don’t believe us, we challenge you to look it up yourself.

2010 was the last year that Congress was given the total amount of taxpayer dollars contributed to the gun-grabbing, Second Amendment haters at the UN.

The Bible says in second Corinthians Chapter 6, verse 17:

“Come out from among them and be separate, says the Lord. Do not touch what is unclean, and I will receive you.”

We say it’s time to stop funding the UN and put America first!

America needs to come out from this unholy alliance with the UN which is actively working every day to destroy our country!

Every single United Nations treaty that has been proposed in the last two or possibly three decades has contained backdoor attacks on our gun rights, concealed carry laws, and other rights and freedoms of Americans.

The UN needs to be de-funded and HR 2757 is the mechanism to do that.

Just stay tuned for the next screen which will have detailed instructions on it explaining how to get to our Action Page so you can take part in this effort to put America First AND receive your special patriotic gift from Pray For US.

This is Charles Benninghoff signing off and wishing you freedom, fulfillment and God’s many blessings…

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