CF Benninghoff: Patriots Should Fire Paul Ryan

CF Benninghoff: Patriots Should Fire Paul Ryan

The Mad Mullah from Madison, Wisconsin that is - Paul Ryan Speaker of the House - must be replaced because he is anti-America First!

House Speaker Paul Ryan is so heavily financed by internationalist Obamatrade donors that he has sold out his entire country to pay off his foreign-controlled money masters … which is why we believe Congress and the American people need to FIRE Paul Ryan!

Hello, this is Charles Benninghoff and today I’ll strategize with you as to what is the best way to fire Paul Ryan from the House Speaker job and why you should get involved in that fight.

Paul Ryan’s campaign warchest is filled with foreign-controlled money and that is why he consistently votes anti-American positions and lies to us about what it is to be Republicans, as though he is the only person making the definition.

If you want to fire Paul Ryan and want to jump into this holy campaign against him, click on the link NOW appearing so you can be taken to our action page and learn how to send personalized letters to each member of the House.

From there you can tell the Members of Congress that Paul Ryan has taken so many Obamatrade bribes now that his brain has switched off and all he can see or think about is securing Obama’s legacy through a foreign trade deal.

Paul Ryan is so tied up in passing Obamatrade, throwing America’s borders wide open and giving away Americans’ Social Security checks to military-aged, unvetted male Muslim refugees that he might as well be a member of Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood-controlled administration.

Ryan has been bought and paid for and in fact, that is the main reason why the establishment selected him to replace John Boehner as House Speaker.

Ryan was third in line for the Speakership because of the amount of Obamatrade campaign cash he raked in and I’ll prove that in a moment.

Paul Ryan’s entire political career is now based on trying to pass Obamatrade.

He has totally been bought and paid for on this issue.

Here is what his opponent, Paul Nehlen, has to say about where Paul Ryan’s campaign money comes from:

Say a prayer for Paul Nehlen’s campaign this week because he’s running against one of the most heavily Obamatrade-financed war-chests in the House of Representatives this year!

If you doubt what I’m saying then let’s take a look at the numbers.

Paul Ryan took in $2.3 million from pro-Obamatrade crony capitalists and Big Businesses that want to ship American jobs overseas and replace American workers with cheaper foreign labor.

That’s half of all of Paul Ryan’s campaign cash!

Notice his placement on the list and how that lines up with the Speaker of the House position over the last six months.

The only two candidates who raked in more Obamatrade cash were John Boehner -- who we drove from office last year -- and Kevin McCarthy who we kept out of the House Speakership because of his philandering.

Ryan was the third biggest Obamatrade recipient and that is why the elites put him into the Speakership after we derailed Kevin McCarthy!

The Bible makes this issue perfectly clear for us.

Exodus in Chapter 23 verse 8 says, “You shall take no bribe because a bribe blinds the discerning and perverts the words of the wise.”

Paul Ryan has taken in so much Obamatrade money that he would rather sink with the ship than abandon a socialist foreign trade deal which Republicans never supported until his bribed-brain came on the scene.

From Abraham Lincoln until Ronald Reagan, the Republican Party was opposed to socialist foreign trade deals like Obamatrade.

Here is why it is so vitally important for you to participate in this campaign.

First of all, our tactics work.

Just ask John Boehner, who now spends his time producing videos with Obama instead of wrecking the country as a socialist one-worlder in Congress.

Second of all, it erodes Paul Ryan’s support within the House.

As personalized letters from Christians pour into Congress, the Members see how outraged the American people are with Paul Ryan and then they start to vote against his policies.

John Boehner was the most powerful person in Congress and he ended up isolated and unable to accomplish anything because Pray For US kept chipping away at his support.

If you participate in this effort today, someone else will participate tomorrow and before you know it, Paul Ryan will quit out of frustration because he can’t get anything done - Just like his Big-Daddy John Boehner did.

So jump in now and use our system to tell Congress to fire Paul Ryan! Stay tuned because the next screen will explain how to get to our Action Page so you can take part.

This is Charles Benninghoff signing off and wishing you freedom, fulfillment and God’s many blessings.

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