Charles Benninghoff: Obama’s “Civilian National Security Force”

Charles Benninghoff: Obama’s “Civilian National Security Force”

Obama imports millions of Muslims for his "civilian national security force" and requests record refugee budget numbers. Tell Congress: Shut Down Obama's Army at:



Hello, this is Charles Benninghoff on the 2nd of May, 2016 and today I’ll be talking about Barack Obama’s private army - the so-called “civilian national security force” that Obama said he would create, fund and operate during his 2008 presidential run.

Barack Obama has been building up this army for years and Congress has been asleep at the wheel, indeed all of America - with the exception of scattered Christians (including our followers) and other patriots - have fallen asleep: And this why patriots like you and I have to speak out once again and wake these people up!

How has this buildup been happening?

Cuba now plays a big part in it. We know that Cuba has been home to several Muslim terrorist training camps that were created even while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State and under the spell of her Muslim Brotherhood-dominated personal advisor Huma Abedin. Huma, it appears, is playing the Rasputin character to the Tsarina Alexandra Romonav, the last queen of Russia.

So Muslim terrorists from the Middle East travel to Cuba where they learn Spanish, and then it’s just a 90-minute flight to Mexico. From there, they cross our southern border and since Obama has ordered the Border Patrol to “stand down” -- these now so-called Cuban refugees - who are actually Muslim terrorists - are automatically allowed into the country.

If you don’t believe us, check the numbers for yourself in Obama’s budget, which we have posted a link to on our Action Page which we will provide in a few moments.

Obama took in 61,000 refugees in 2015 who claim to be Cuban BUT surely have Muslim terrorists mixed in there, in addition to another 21,000 unclassified refugees virtually all of whom are Muslims. Those numbers don’t even count toward the annual 70,000 Muslims that Obama brings in from Africa and the Middle East under refugee resettlement.

Thus, now you know WHY the number of so-called “Cuban refugees” TRIPLED last year.

From 2002 to 2014 America took in an average of about 20,000 Cuban refugees per year, but all of a sudden we took in 61,000 last year… AFTER the terrorist training camps were set up in Cuba.

And no vetting of so-called refugees is happening. The socialist mindset of the federal bureaucrats in all Western nations including the United States has blinded them and they let these Muslim refugees in no matter what, so long as they are not white and don’t speak English.

Need more evidence?

Federal agencies that have nothing to do with law enforcement are buying machine guns, ammunition, drones, armored vehicles and amphibious assault vehicles and stockpiling this war materiel to distribute to the new recruits when needed.

Meanwhile our military combat units don’t have enough rifles to train with and our soldiers are buying body armor and helmets out of their own paychecks.

Sounds like that “civilian national security force” of Obama’s is just as well-armed and well-funded as the military, doesn’t it?

Jesus told his disciples in Matthew Chapter 13, verse 16, “Blessed are your eyes because you see, and your ears because they hear.”

You would have to be truly blind to not see and hear what Obama is doing to America. Because we see the danger we have an obligation as Christians to speak out and stop it!

Our country will eventually be overrun by these Islamic invaders intent on imposing Sharia law if we do not stop Obama now.

How do we stop this from happening? We make a lot of noise, just like we did with Obama’s planned Syrian refugee invasion.

Refugee resettlement from Syria has slowed to a crawl because we made so much noise about this danger back in 2015. That is the biggest untold victory that we Christians have had over Obama so far this term.

So here is how YOU can help right now.

Obama is demanding budget increases to take in even more Syrian and “Cuban” (read that Muslim terrorist) refugees in fiscal year 2017.

We have to make noise with Congress and demand that they defund Obama’s civilian army of Muslims.

If you don’t have the ability to contribute to this effort financially right now, you can still help. It’s really easy!

Spread the word!

When we all speak out, Congress listens and that is why Obama has only brought in 25-hundred Syrians to date, instead of 250-thousand.

If you are watching this video on Facebook or YouTube or another channel, click the link appearing on the screen now to be taken to our Action Page.

Tell Congress to deny Obama’s massive budget increases for Muslim refugees from the Middle East, Africa and Cuba!

Click the link and make some noise!

This is Charles Benninghoff signing off and wishing you freedom, fulfillment and God’s blessings.

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