Charles Benninghoff: Obama’s Scholarships for Jihadis Fund

Charles Benninghoff: Obama’s Scholarships for Jihadis Fund

Obama to give 200,000 Syrians free US college tuition as “students” skirting refugee limitations, while US students suffer.

Hello, this is Charles Benninghoff on April 28th, 2016.

Today I’ll be talking about Barack Obama’s never-ending effort to flood the United States with unvetted “Syrian refugees” so that he can take yet another step towards transforming our Christian nation into an Islamic republic under Sharia law.

I’ll also let you know what our church, Pray For US, is doing to try to stop this and how you can get involved.

A news website owned by talk radio host Laura Ingraham reports that the Obama administration and the U.N. are plotting ways to bring 200,000 unvetted Syrian refugees to America… THIS YEAR!

The report says that the State Department and the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees are calling for “new ways” to address the refugee crisis.

A refugee policy advisor from Georgetown University named Beth Ferris told the U.N. she has an idea for how Obama can pull off this stunt.

Ferris said, “Maybe it’s hard for the U.S. to go from 2,000 to 200,000 refugees resettled in a year, but maybe there are ways we can ask our universities to offer scholarships to Syrian students.”

Ferris continued, “There may be ways that we could encourage Syrians to come to the U.S. without going through this laborious, time-consuming process of refugee resettlement.”

That “laborious, time-consuming process” that she is referring to is the federal government’s attempt to do a background check to see if a potential refugee is actually a member of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIL!

Here is a congressional hearing where FBI Director James Comey told Congress that it is impossible to run a background check on a Syrian refugee to determine if they are a member of ISIL…

No background checks are being done on these so-called refugees.

And think for a moment about the implications of this insane plan to grant college scholarships to 200,000 Syrians.

None of them would be women, since musselmen don’t believe that women should be allowed to even learn to read.

So that could mean 200,000 fighting-aged Muslim males would flood into American colleges.

Read the headlines on any British newspaper today and you’ll learn that Europe is going through a rape epidemic ever since the continent opened its doors to unvetted Syrian refugees last year.

Can you imagine sending your daughter or granddaughter to a college campus that has hundreds of foreign Muslim men running around?

Jesus said in Matthew Chapter 22, starting in verse 36, “‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ And the second commandment is, ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’”

Ask yourself this question, is it more loving to subject America’s own college students to having to endure going to school with hundreds of thousands of potential terrorists who come from a foreign rape culture… or is it more loving to keep those unvetted Syrians out of the country?

The answer is very clear to us and if you agree with our position, here is how you can help…

If you are already on our action page, select one of the program options on the right and remember - you can click the “Edit” link on the message and write your OWN message - we never censor what you write.

If you are watching on YouTube or another channel, simply CLICK the link appearing on your video screen now and that will take you to our Action page.

From there you can send FaxGrams to every Member of Congress, starting with the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.

A FaxGram is a personalized message signed by you and immediately delivered to every congressional office at once.

We have to tell Congress to restrict any and all funding that Obama wants to try to use to grant scholarships to 200,000 unvetted Syrians.

Can you imagine giving full ride scholarships to terrorists who don’t even speak English? This is insane but it is Obama’s latest plot to dump unvetted Syrians here in America.

Click the link now and take action to put a stop to this insanity!

This is Charles Benninghoff signing off and wishing you freedom, fulfillment and God’s many blessings.

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