Charles Benninghoff: Ending the Great Foreign Aid Ripoff

Charles Benninghoff: Ending the Great Foreign Aid Ripoff

American-paid foreign aid is the taxpayer ripoff of the century that you can fight back at: https://PrayFor.US/160420_44330_p4us_pp_Poe_Foreign_Aid_Bill/


Hello, this is Charles Benninghoff on April 20th, 2016 and we have a very hot topic to share with you today.

The federal government is now $64 trillion - that's trillion with a “T” - in debt and our national unfunded liabilities are $100 trillion more. Most people - me included - cannot even visualize that amount of money.

While Social Security, Veterans Benefits and other services are being denied Americans, our tax dollars being sent to foreign dictators, communist countries and even terrorist Muslim countries who not only hate America but cut off the head of any American they come across.

Representative Ted Poe, a Republican from Texas, says that one of the ways Congress could spend money on American causes - without raising the budget - right now in a significant way is rethinking foreign aid.

The United States sends billions upon billions of dollars every year to countries that hate us.

Most Members of Congress would not vote to give a dime of your tax dollars to many of these countries but they are forced to because of congressional procedural rules.

All foreign aid for 190 countries is lumped into ONE omnibus spending bill. You either vote YES or NO for ALL countries as a package deal.

So if a Member of Congress wants to send foreign aid to support a particular needy or deserving country - for example, perhaps, Israel - that Member also has to vote in favor of sending foreign aid to all of the Muslim countries that want to destroy Israel and the United States in the same bill.

Congressman Poe is a Christian and an Air Force veteran who has been in Congress since 2005.

He explains this issue in more detail here…

Communist Cuba gets $20 million from America year in and year out, and their government of course hates us.

Communist Vietnam receives more than $100 million per year from us. For what? So the communists there can subsidize their workers with US taxpayer funds, create insanely cheap goods to sell here in the US and put American workers on the street?

This is an obvious result and, as far as I am concerned, on the part of some socialist or communist Members of Congress it is the intended result.

The Islamic Republic of Jordan receives more than $1 BILLION per year, each and every year. So, one of the richest despot kings - the king of Jordan - has a billion dollars of walking around money at America’s expense.

And here is something really outrageous…

Afghanistan has received more than $50 billion from America since Obama has been in office and the Afghan government has NEVER allowed us to audit their books to see what your tax dollars are being spent on there.

In the Bible in the book of Proverbs, Chapter 20, verse 21 it says:

“There is desirable treasure and oil in the house of the wise, but a foolish man squanders it.”

Our squandering foreign aid policy is worse than foolish… it is stupid!

We are throwing money directly into the pockets of foreign dictators when it could be put to good use in our own back yard to shore up Social Security, Veterans Hospitals and other America-based programs!

Congressman Poe has been pushing for years to change this process so that every country receiving foreign aid from America receives an up-or-down vote.

We spoke with Congressman Poe’s office today and his staff tells us that he just has not been able to gain traction on a bill to require an up-or-down vote on every country receiving foreign aid.

America needs more co-sponsors otherwise the bill would just gather dust in a stack of other committee bills.

A staff member in Congressman Poe’s office told us today that it would be wonderful if every person watching this video would contact their Representative and Senators and ask them to co-sponsor this legislation.

So here is how you can help encourage Congress to be more wise with our tax dollars.

Click the link appearing on your video screen now to be taken to our “Action Page.”

Click the link now to take action.

You’ll be glad you did when you turn on the news a year from now and see that Congress voted against sending foreign aid to China, Russia, Cuba, Syria and other countries!

James, in our Bible, wrote that faith without good works is worthless; and, indeed, faith alone is without value. Faith alone is an empty promise, a promise that by itself will produce no fruit. In addition to faith, James said one must also do good works to earn a spot in the light.

So, I urge you to click on the action link now, make this noble cause be your good works for today.

This is Charles Benninghoff signing off and wishing you freedom, fulfillment and God’s blessings…

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