Charles Benninghoff: Release the Secret Saudi 9-11 Pages

Charles Benninghoff: Release the Secret Saudi 9-11 Pages

Tell Congress it must declassify the hidden 9-11 pages documents NOW and SIEZE all Saudi Arabian funds to protect Americans at: https://PrayFor.US/160418_44304_p4us_pp_Sept_11_28_Pages/
Hello, this is Charles Benninghoff on this beautiful 18th day of April, 2016. Today I’ll be talking about the effort to declassify 28 pages of the 9-11 commission report that the American people have never been allowed to see.

And I’ll also talk about Saudi Arabia’s empty threats against the United States because of what is in those secret pages and I will let you know how YOU can help get those pages finally released to the public.

The legislation that has the Saudis worried is House Resolution 14 and Senate bill 1471.

15 of the 19 hijackers on September 11, 2001 were from Saudi Arabia yet the House of Saud has denied any involvement in the attacks.

But the Saudis are now threatening to sell $750 billion in US treasury assets that it holds if those 28 pages are released, because they believe that American courts will freeze those assets.

This is an admission of guilt by the Saudis as far as we are concerned.

Here is what Congressman Thomas Massie of Kentucky had to say about the bill urging Obama to release the 9-11 pages…

Isn’t that outrageous?

Congress talks about how to prevent another 9-11 attack every single day and yet most of them have not seen these papers.

Those 28 pages were classified by former President George W. Bush, seen here walking hand in hand with the Saudi crown prince Abdullah in 2005.

Can you believe that? Bush II and the a leader of the Wahabi nation cavorting about hand-in-hand...

The Bush family got rich from oil and we believe that George Bush classified these 28 pages to protect his own family’s wealth.

Obama has kept those pages classified as well, even though all of the 9-11 victims have asked for them to be released.

The Saudis are threatening to sell off $750 billion in treasury bonds if this bill passes and our response to that should be: So What!

That would be a drop in the bucket and would not make the slightest dent in our economy. The Saudis on the other hand would lose a bundle because they would have to sell those assets quickly and probably suffer a big loss.

Outside economists tell the New York Post that the Saudis would in fact cripple their own economy if they sold those assets, while it wouldn’t hurt the United States at all.

We believe that those 28 pages contain information that links officials in the Saudi Arabian government directly to the 9-11 attacks.

Yet Obama is lobbying Congress against this bipartisan legislation. Obama is taking the side of Saudi Arabia over our own citizens and the families who lost members during the worst terrorist attack on American soil.

Wouldn’t you like to know the truth about those attacks finally?

Jesus said in the book of John, Chapter 8, verse 32: “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

We don’t know the truth about the 9-11 attacks because of these 28 classified pages.

We think that Congress should not only declassify these pages but should also go ahead and freeze those $750 billion in assets from the Saudis now and put it in reserve for the 9-11 families.

America did the same thing to the Iranians because of the hostage crisis in 1979 and we should do the same thing to the Saudis now!

Here is how you can help the 9-11 families and all Americans to learn the truth.

Click the link appearing on your video screen now to be taken to our Action Page.

From there you can send a personalized message to Congress telling them to support and pass the bill to declassify the 9-11 pages that have been hidden from the American people and the victims’ families.

Click the link now and take action! You’ll be glad that you did when the truth finally comes out and the 9-11 families finally know the truth!

This is Charles Benninghoff wishing you fulfillment, freedom and God’s blessings.

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