Charles Benninghoff: The Pray For US Impact on America

Charles Benninghoff: The Pray For US Impact on America

Discover Pray For US - a free Christian church incorporated in Nevada - that exalts the Body of Christ and is making a huge impact on Congress.


Hello, this is Charles Benninghoff on this 15th day of April, 2016.

Today our background imaging is glorious Mount Rushmore - a site dedicated to the heroism of Americanism.

Now on to our subject: The daily impact our efforts have been making...

According to polling by The Economist, the congressional approval rating today is just 11%.

89% of Americans are fed up with this lackluster Congress and its inability or unwillingness to stop Obama, even though we elected Republican majorities in the House and Senate for the sole reason of stopping him.

I want to tell you about some of the many successes that our church, Pray For US, has had in impacting Congress.

We want to reassure all Christians that we are fighting for their rights on a daily basis and we want to let you know how your support is making a difference.

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Here are some of the major successes that we have seen just in the past few months.

I’ll start with Obama’s anti-gun Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland.

The GOP leadership in the Senate was ready to start holding confirmation hearings but then changed their minds when FaxGrams started flooding their offices.

Senator Jerry Moran of Kansas was one of the first Republicans to break ranks and start demanding a vote on Obama’s nominee, which surely could have led to Garland’s confirmation.

We specifically targeted Moran’s office with FaxGrams and phone calls from our supporters and as a result, here is the latest campaign ad for his reelection campaign…

That turnaround only happened due to pressure from Pray For US and Christian Americans and so far the Senate leadership has kept its promise to hold no confirmation hearings.

Rest assured we are still watching them like hawks, though!

Our next success, the Refugee Program Integrity Restoration Act…

Since we started pressuring Congress on this bill many months ago it has been passed by the House Judiciary Committee and 10 new co-sponsors have signed on to support it, 8 of them the day after our last campaign was initiated.

Likewise, the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act was passed out of committee and now has 15 new co-sponsors.

The more co-sponsors that sign on to a bill, the closer it gets to passing, so we are making great progress on both of those.

The Mental Health and Safe Communities Act is another example. This was a terrible bill a year ago and it threatened the Second Amendment rights of all Americans. Thanks to pressure from Pray For US, today the bill takes more power away from the federal government and protects your Second Amendment rights.

Our followers can pat themselves on the back for that one! Imagine, originally this bill wanted to give federal janitors the ability to declare an American citizen “insane”.

And finally, every time you turn on your television and see Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, you can breathe a sigh of relief and think, “At least it’s not Kevin McCarthy.”

The headline on the The Black Sphere dot-net last October read, “The Church that helped bring down Kevin McCarthy.”

Congressman McCarthy was about to become the Speaker of the House in October when we told Congress to look into McCarthy’s philandery.

As a result, Congressman Walter Jones announced the next morning that anyone with skeletons in their closet should drop out of the race for Speaker.

McCarthy immediately dropped out.

While we did not get the House Speaker that we wanted, it could have been a lot worse.

These victories by Pray For US were only possible because of the grace of God and the support or patriotic Christians across the country.

In the Bible in James Chapter 2, verse 17 says, “Faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.”

Are you putting your faith into action through good works?

At Pray For US we put our faith into action by making a direct impact on Congress, on issues of great importance to Christians here in America and around the world.

I hope you will continue to support our efforts at Pray For US and you can do so today by clicking the link in the corner of your video screen.

I know that there are many demands upon everyone to donate here, or there. With Pray for US - Pray for the United States, we uniquely pack more power to your punch than any viable alternative.

Please contribute if you are moved to do so.

This is Charles Benninghoff signing off and wishing you fulfillment, freedom and God’s blessings…

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