Charles Benninghoff: Stop Obama’s Refugee Surge

Charles Benninghoff: Stop Obama’s Refugee Surge

OBAMA LIED: ISIL terrorists entering US after short 3-month wait. Americans must fight to stop the unvetted jihadi refugees at: https://PrayFor.US/160408_44227_p4us_pp_Stop_Syrian_Refugee_Surge/


Hello, this is Charles Benninghoff on the 8th of April, 2016. Today I’ll be talking about Barack Obama’s Syrian refugee “surge” which violates the promises that Obama made to Congress and the American people.

I know, I know… you can tell when Obama is lying by looking to see if his lips are moving, but this lie is funded by Congressional action and we can stop the funding!

I’ll let you know about the efforts of our church, Pray For US, which is working to get Congress to block all unvetted “Syrian refugees” from entering the United States and I’ll tell you how you can join in that action.

What does “vet” mean? What does “unvetted” mean. Simple, their backgrounds are thoroughly checked using historically-proved methods such as interviews, research and verification, fact-checking and so forth. Anyone can be “vetted” - even a Syrian terrorist! 🙂

So what is Barack Obama’s Syrian refugee “surge?”

Back when Obama was negotiating with Congress to try to get them to fund his Syrian refugee scheme, Obama made certain promises in exchange for funding the program.

Obama assured Congress and the American people in official public speeches that all Syrian refugees would have to stay in refugee camps for 18 to 24 months so that the federal government could vet them for ties to terrorist groups.

But now the “surge” has begun.

The State Department has announced all of a sudden that the wait time has been shortened to just three months.

The FBI and the Department of Homeland Security both told Congress last year that they cannot vet ANY refugees from Middle Eastern countries, even under the 18-to-24 month standard.

So now a battle-hardened jihadi from ISIL can lay down his AK-47, walk into a United Nations refugee camp and be on a plane to America in 90 days with no background check and no vetting whatsoever!

Another point to make… out of all the Syrian refugees who have been admitted to the United States so far this year… 99.4 percent are Muslim.

Christian refugees are systematically excluded by the public-sector labor union employees of the federal government. This anti-Christian prejudice is shocking but it exists only because of the Muslim orientation of Obama.

Congressman Ryan Zinke of Montana who is a Republican and a retired Navy SEAL commander, says that Obama lied to Congress and adds:

“This will inevitably put our nation and our citizens at risk for future terrorist attacks.”

The nightclub attack in Paris and the Brussels airport bombing which killed almost 200 people and wounded hundreds more were both carried out by unvetted Syrian refugees.

The unvetted refugees in Europe are the same ones we will be receiving in the United States unless we stop Obama’s surge.

Obama has violated the terms of the agreement with Congress and the American people so we have to convince Congress to tear that agreement up and start over.

Congress needs to freeze the funds for the refugee program and prevent the State Department from “surging” any more unvetted refugees into America.

The Bible in Leviticus Chapter 26, verse 16 has this warning for ancient Israel, if the Hebrews were to turn away from God.

For God spoke to the Hebrews, saying:

“I will even appoint terror over you, wasting disease and fever which shall consume the eyes and cause sorrow of heart. You will sow your seed in vain and your enemies will eat it.”

Does this not sound like what America is going through right now? We have had terror appointed over us, unvetted refugees are bringing in terrorism as well as wasting communicable diseases that were at one time even eradicated in America.

Our enemies are eating our substance when they come here and the federal government puts them on lifetime welfare assistance.

Here is how you can help us defeat Obama’s unvetted refugee surge.

Contact Congress using our dedicated action page and tell the representatives and senators to take immediate action to freeze the funds for the refugee program.

Just click the link now appearing on the upper RIGHT corner of your video screen to be taken to our action page.

You can use our action page to send YOUR DEMAND TO STOP THIS INSANITY NOW!


This is Charles Benninghoff signing off and wishing you Godspeed.

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