Charles Benninghoff: Islamic “Surgery” on American Women

Charles Benninghoff: Islamic “Surgery” on American Women

Charles Benninghoff: Female genital mutilation rates (FGM) in America have skyrocketed due to Muslim Brotherhood importation of refugees. Tell Congress to pass the MB Terrorist Designation Act at:


Hello, this is Charles Benninghoff. Today I’ll be talking about the Muslim Brotherhood’s connection to a skyrocketing number of terror acts imposed upon women right here in America.

Unvetted Muslim terrorists imported by Obama are deploying a grisly tool of terror and degradation to dominate females here in America.

This is another reason why we are supporting the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act (HR 3892).

To tie all of these issues together you have to understand that the Muslim Brotherhood is a global terrorist organization that has operatives, consultants, advisers and employees in virtually every branch of the United States federal government including the White House and on the personal staff of Hillary Clinton.

Since that infiltration started in 2009 the federal government has officially taken in 915,000 Muslims as refugees and immigrants. We believe the unofficial number of foreign Muslims is actually between five and seven million.

With the explosion of unvetted foreign-born Muslims coming into America the number of American women and girls undergoing female genital mutilation has also skyrocketed.

Female Genital Mutilation or “FGM” is the Islamic practice of removing part or all of a woman’s external genitalia as a punishment for just being female.

Why is it done? Mutilating a woman’s genitals is an act of terror designed to allow male Muslims to relegate women to positions of inferiority and along with allowing males to have multiple wives who can be divorced at will, physically demonstrates to women that they are mere chattel in a world controlled completely by males. It is an ugly and venomous enchattlement of one sex by the other.

Public discussion about FGM came to a head on CNN a few nights ago when one of Donald Trump’s senior advisers mentioned Newsweek’s published statistics which you can see in this clip:

[Steven Miller, Trump Immigration Adviser on CNN]

So is Donald Trump’s adviser correct?

Absolutely, according to Newsweek and to statistics compiled by a group called Equality Now which tracks FGM.

FGM rates have doubled in the US since 2008 and now there are 513,000 women and girls in America who have had this barbaric practice done to them or are currently at risk of having it done to them.

The sole reason cited for this increase in America is mass immigration from Muslim countries bringing in, we believe, millions of unvetted Muslims.

We have posted the links for all of these studies and reports on our campaign page so you can see the truth for yourself.

Our church -- Pray For US, Pray For The United States -- is not opposed to mass immigration of unvetted Muslims solely because of the increase in jihad attacks that it is bringing to America, although that is reason enough. We also oppose mass unvetted Islamic immigration because of the cultural damage that it brings with it.

Equality of women is virtually non-existent in Muslim countries. If Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood succeed in throwing the 2016 election, the damage that will be done to our nation’s century-long fight for women’s rights will be irreversible.

The current rate of 513,000 women and girls who have undergone genital mutilation is just a tiny snapshot of what life would look like under Sharia law if it is ever imposed here.

In the Bible it says in 1 Corinthians Chapter 3 verses 16 and 17:

“Do you not know that you are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you? If anyone defiles the temple of God, God will destroy him. For the temple of God is holy.”

The barbaric practice of mutilating the genitals of women and girls is an offense to God. It is an act of terror designed to keep women in lifelong subjugation and stands diametrically opposed to everything that America and Christianity defend.

This is why we support the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act which would deport all foreign nationals who belong to the Muslim Brotherhood.

We help you in your effort to contact Congress by using a dedicated “Campaign Page” where phone numbers and FaxGram facilities are provided.

A FaxGram is a personalized letter, digitally signed by you, which is delivered directly to congressional offices.

You will find scrolling instructions below this video how to find our Campaign Page and become involved in preserving women’s rights here in America.

So, I ask you to step up to the plate and demand that Congress support and pass the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act because of the massive invasion of unvetted Islamic terrorists that Obama has brought into America.

Do it now!

This is Charles Benninghoff signing off and wishing you Godspeed.

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