Charles Benninghoff: Investigate Islamic Vote Tampering

Charles Benninghoff: Investigate Islamic Vote Tampering

Mosques and Islamic nonprofits are engaging in illegal voter registration drives to elect Hillary Clinton. Tell Congress to shut down the Sharia vote drive at:

Hello, this is Charles Benninghoff this 25 day of March, 2016 and today I’ll analyze the illegal activities of Muslim non-profit groups and mosques that are conducting a “one million Muslim” voter registration drive to try to tilt the 2016 election.

Our church, Pray For US - Pray For The United States, is petitioning Congress to shut down this illegal vote drive because it is clearly a violation of federal non-profit laws and violates the Constitutional requirement that there shall be no law regarding the establishment of religion.

In a moment I’ll tell you how you can help with this effort.

The New York Times reports: “Muslims are watching in growing horror as Donald Trump and Ted Cruz battle for the Republican nomination.”

Trump and Cruz have both outlined policies to try to save American lives from radical Muslims carrying out jihad attacks against civilians, so the Muslims are watching in “growing horror” that the American people seem to want to stay alive, not be beheaded or blown up and this… this is the core of the reason why radical groups like the Council of American Islamic Relations are leading these illegal voter drives.

In response the Times reports that CAIR, the Islamic Circle of North America and other Muslim groups are holding get-out-the-vote drive efforts in hopes of ensuring that neither Trump nor Cruz get elected president in November.

The New York Times also says that the Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center -- a mosque in Virginia -- is holding voter registration drives and says many other mosques will be participating in this effort.

Here is why it is illegal for all of these Muslim groups to do this.

We checked their records and every group we just cited from that New York Times article is a registered 501C3 non-profit group.

Here is what the IRS code states:

“All section 501(c)(3) organizations are absolutely prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate for elective public office.”

The Muslim non-profits are engaging in election tampering by abusing their non-profit status to oppose Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

If a Christian church registered as a 501C3 non-profit announced that it was watching Hillary Clinton with “growing horror” and wanted to register a million new Christians to vote to stop her candidacy the IRS would immediately clamp down on them.

But the Muslims are getting special privileges once again.

This is a de facto “law” by government action establishing Islam as a religion. Clearly, we need as Christians to fight back.

It’s just like in Minnesota where the public schools are now providing private prayer rooms for Muslim immigrant students so they can take five breaks in their school day to pray to the Muslim god - ALLAH!

Christian children are expelled for praying in school but the Muslim students get their own private prayer rooms.

Clearly, another law establishing religion!

This discrimination has to stop and that is why we are petitioning Congress to investigate these Muslim non-profit groups for illegal electioneering.

The IRS is obligated to treat the Muslim mosques just like it treats Christian churches that are registered as 501C3s.

Leviticus 24 verse 22 says, “You shall have the same law for the stranger and for one from your own country; for I am the LORD your God.”

This biblical written law is where the American concept of equality UNDER THE LAW comes from. You cannot have a just and righteous nation with equality if you have one set of laws for one group - the Muslims - and a separate set of laws for another group - the Christians.

Muslim 501C3s need to be held to the same legal standard as Christian 501C3s. Muslims should not be granted special privileges under the law just because they threaten to cut your head off if you don’t comply.

Here is how you can help.

Flowing near the bottom of this video are instructions for you to follow to help in this campaign against our government establishing a religion.

From our campaign page send FaxGrams to Congress starting with the House Oversight Committee. Tell them to launch an immediate investigation into the illegal activities of all Muslim groups that are violating their non-profit status by engaging in partisan electioneering.

Congress needs to subpoena the leaders of these groups and force these Muslims to testify, and then follow through by pressuring the IRS to revoke the non-profit status of all Muslim groups and mosques that are trying to rig the 2016 elections.

This is Charles Benninghoff signing off and wishing you Godspeed.

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