Charles Benninghoff: Sink the Cuba Trade Act

Charles Benninghoff: Sink the Cuba Trade Act

GOP pushing "free trade" to ship American jobs & your tax dollars to Obama's Communist pals in Castro terrorist regime. Tell Congress to sink the Cuba Trade Act at:

Hello. This is Charles Benninghoff this 24th day of March, 2016 to alert America to the disastrous “Cuba Trade Act” (HR 3238 & S 1543).


Barack Obama has been in the headlines for several days as he took a vacation in the Communist Dictatorship of Cuba.

While some Republicans are criticizing Obama for this trip… other, pathologically self-loathing “Republicans” are once again sucking in donations from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and laughing all the way to the bank.

Rep. Tom Emmer(R-MN) and Sen. Jerry Moran (R-KS) sponsored the Cuba Trade Act and virtually all co-sponsors are the same Republicans pushing Obama’s TransPacific Partnership trade deal.

The American mainstream, liberal media loves Communist dictators so you will never be reminded of the atrocities committed by Fidel and Raul Castro.

Here is a short sample list for those who don’t remember:

• The Castro regime has confirmed Hezbollah terrorist training camps on Cuban soil where Muslim murderers and assassins can learn Spanish before sneaking across our southern border.
• Since the 1950s the Castros have executed approximately 4,000 civilians by firing squad and hanging for their political beliefs and speech.
• The Castros murdered 41 women and children when they sank a tugboat loaded with Cubans trying to escape the island in 1994.
• The Castros have a 60-year track record of sending Christians and black Cubans of African ancestry to slave labor camps.
• A Cuban prison is the first-stop on a long and tortuous road for any person who criticizes Communism or the Castro brothers. Tens of thousands of Cubans have met this fate since the late 50s.
• The Castros seized American companies that had long-standing investments in Cuba, at the loss of billions of dollars. Since the 60s, these properties have been run into the ground and most have disappeared. Nevertheless, not one property owner so damaged has ever received a cent in payment from Cuba and they NEVER WILL under the Cuba Trade Act
• Fidel Castro sent thousands of Communist revolutionaries to Central and South America, Africa and the mid-East for the purpose of overthrowing democratically elected governments, at the cost of tens of thousands of innocent lives.

Cuba is less active now in fomenting international Communistic terror because it is a bankrupt nation. It’s once-mighty benefactor - the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics - is long gone and with the demise of the USSR so too have the capacity of Cuba to foment international warfare.

Cuba’s new patron - the corrupt and vile oil-rich Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - has paid Cuba immense sums to accept, promote and export Islamic terror through its ISIL training camps now located in the interior of the Cuban island.

In spite of those facts the Cuba Trade Act would immediately remove Cuba from America’s list of “state sponsors of terrorism” and pour billions of American dollars into Cuba so the Castro regime could once again work to radicalize young people around to world.

Cuba is a communist dictatorship so all workers there are paid a government salary that is estimated to range between 12 and 15 cents an hour.

More American jobs will be shipped overseas to Cuba when internationalist companies realize they can pay workers there 12 cents an hour.

All sanctions would be lifted immediately and the Castros do not have to repay the billions of dollars in property and assets that they stole from American companies when they seized power.

The Cuba Trade Act also authorizes the federal government to send your tax dollars to the Castros -- who are billionaires -- in order to promote their agricultural products.

The Bible in Isaiah Chapter 5 verse 20 says, “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; woe to those who put darkness for light, and light for darkness.”

Rewarding the Castro terrorist regime with a trade agreement and federal grant money from the taxpayers is calling evil “good” and calling darkness “light.”

Here is how you can help.

Use our campaign page to send as many FaxGrams to Congress as you can. Follow the instructions now appearing at the bottom of this screen.

Tell them to reject the Cuba Trade Act which rewards the billionaire Castro regime with a lopsided trade agreement that will kill American jobs and fund terrorism.

Send FaxGrams to as many Representatives and Senators as you can because the bill has GOP backing in both the House and Senate.

Do it now and help us sink this trade agreement with Cuba.

This is Charles Benninghoff signing off and wishing you Godspeed.

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