Obama’s Martial Law Response to Belgium Attacks

Congress is threatening to pass an unprecedented rewrite of the War Powers Act and grant Obama the authority to declare martial law in America, all in response to the Muslim attacks on civilians in Brussels, Belgium.

If Congress gives Barack Obama martial law powers in the United States we have no doubt that Obama will use this newfound "power" to begin his gun confiscation pogrom.

You can download a copy of House Concurrent Resolution 106 which grants Obama martial law authority in the United States HERE.

ISIL Muslims launched suicide attacks at the airport and a subway station in Brussels, Belgium.  At least 34 civilians were killed and close to 200 were wounded.

Two US Senators, including Jeff Session (R-AL), had just passed through the airport when ISIL suicide bombers detonated themselves at the American Airlines ticket counter and a Starbucks coffee shop at the airport.

This looks like a planned assassination attempt on Sen. Sessions and the fact that they knew his schedule and location illustrates just how deeply the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIL and other threats have penetrated our government thanks to Obama!

Another bomb killed 20 people at a Brussels subway station. Brussels has been under a total police state lockdown since the Paris attacks in November and yet martial law did NOTHING to prevent this attack.

Yet martial law powers for Obama under HCR 106 are supposed to protect us? That is what congressional leaders want you to believe!

HCR 106 grants Obama the authority to deploy the military in American cities at any time to protect national security against ISIL. We have no doubt that Obama would use martial law powers to disarm American civilians!

When the ancient Israelites faced an existential threat just as we now face a threat from the millions of Muslim immigrants Obama has imported, they did not declare martial law. Families were ordered to be armed for defense and to carry on with their lives as normal!

Nehemiah 4:17-18 states, "Those who built on the wall and those who carried burdens loaded themselves so that with one hand they worked at construction and with the other held a weapon. Every one of the builders had his sword girded at his side as he built."

Rather than defending America and our freedoms, Obama wants to declare martial law and disarm Americans to "protect" from the ISIL threat that he has imported in the first place!

To view the campaign that our church, Pray For US, is waging against martial law powers in America for Obama, please click HERE.

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