Stopping Obama’s Flood of Unvetted Refugees

America needs to enact major reforms to our broken Refugee Program which is allowing Barack Obama to import millions of unvetted Muslim males while proclaiming them to be "persecuted" victims. Persecuted by what? These "refugees" are the persecutors!

Barack Obama wants to bring 250,000 unvetted Syrian "refugees" to the United States which is why every American should be contacting Congress in support of HR 4731, the Refugee Program Integrity Restoration Act.

Following a major FaxGram campaign from Pray For US - Pray For The United States, the bill was passed by the House Judiciary Committee by a vote of 18 to 9.

Read HR 4731 HERE.

Unvetted Muslim refugee represent a major threat to our culture and our laws.

A documentary film called "Saudi Arabia Unmasked" is about to air on British television which shows the brutal conditions the citizenry lives under in an Islamic Sharia law country.

The video shows undercover footage of public beheadings for what would be misdemeanors - or not even crimes - in America.

Women are brutalized, imprisoned and beheaded frequently in the Saudi Arabian kingdom and are treated as slaves, or worse.

Saudi Arabia is considered the pinnacle of Islamic culture and all Sunni Muslims (which are the main ones being imported by Obama) believe that Saudi Sharia should be practiced here in America.

This is the culture that Obama is importing into the United States when he is allowed to bring in unvetted refugees from Islamic countries!

Europeans are learning to their shock and horror that Muslim refugees do not immediately adapt to democracy, respect for women or tolerance for other religious faiths. In fact, European women are being told in many countries to stay indoors so they will not be raped, robbed or murdered by their new Muslim neighbors.

Pray For US is attempting to prevent this holocaust from happening in the United States which is why we support HR 4731. The bill takes control of refugee resettlement away from the Executive branch and gives it back to Congress.

Refugee admissions will be capped at 60,000 per year under the bill, no Iraqis or Syrians will be admitted and strict background checks will be conducted and enforced before any further refugees get in.

Psalm 122 is a prayer for national peace and prosperity. Verses 6-7 state, "May they who love you prosper. May peace be within your walls, and prosperity within your palaces."

Peace and prosperity are not possible within America's walls if we allow Obama to keep importing Muslims who hate us, hate all women, hate our laws and customs and freedoms, and hate our religion.

Obama has to be prevented from accomplishing his goal of importing 250,000 unvetted Muslim refugees!

Click HERE to see the campaign that Pray For US is running in support of HR 4731 to restore integrity to the refugee system.

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