Charles Benninghoff: The Muslim “Refugee” Scam

Charles Benninghoff: The Muslim “Refugee” Scam

Obama scams the Refugee Resettlement program to dump hordes of unwanted Muslims in red states. Pass the Refugee Program Integrity Restoration Act AT:
Hello, this is Charles Benninghoff and today I want to talk about an important bill in Congress, named The Refugee Program Integrity Restoration Act designated as HR 4731, that will reform the federal refugee resettlement program, the program that has brought America hundreds of thousands of completely unvetted young, unattached Muslim males into our midst.

Barack Obama has abused the refugee program with disastrous results including the San Bernardino Massacre. I recently saw a reliable report that stated 91% of the Somalian refugees that Gov. Kasich brought into his state are on welfare. This sort of government dependence will doom our overall society.

HR 4731 has a hearing in the House Judiciary Committee this week.

The bill was sponsored by Representative Raul Labrador of Idaho.

Bloomberg News has reported that Obama wants to bring 250-thousand MORE unvetted refugees from the Syrian conflict into the United States over the next two years.

The vast majority of the Syrian refugees will be fighting-aged males without background checks, Muslims and many will be battle-hardened soldiers of the Islamic State.

HR 4731 is the first major overhaul of the Refugee Resettlement Act since 1980 and it will prevent Obama’s Muslim refugee invasion.

Here is what the HR 4731 does.

It puts a firm cap on the number of refugees admitted from all countries at 60-thousand per year.

That number can only be increased by an act of Congress.

The bill puts Congress in charge determining the country of origin instead of the president.

The bill takes power away from the Department of Homeland Security to grant waivers to criminals and terrorists.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott pointed out on Fox News last year that Obama has been granting waivers to known terrorists who have beheaded Christians in Syria and Iraq.

HR 4731 also lifts the veil of secrecy off of the refugee program and gives states and local communities the power to opt out of accepting refugees.

Under the current program communities and states often don’t know when Obama’s Muslim refugees are being dumped on them until it is too late.

Even if the American people protest the federal government still forces the states to take the so-called refugees and foot the bill to support them on local welfare programs.

America was built on the bedrock of biblical Christianity and our Constitution was written by Christian founders and based largely on Christian principles.

As Jesus said in Matthew chapter 7 in verse 27, “and the rains descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house; and it fell. And great was its fall.”

America cannot continue down Obama’s sandy path.

Please use our campaign page to contact Congress and tell it to pass the Refugee Program Integrity Restoration Act.

It is vitally important that we pass this legislation to stop Obama’s flood of 250-thousand unvetted Muslim refugees into the United States.

This is Charles Benninghoff signing off and wishing you Godspeed.

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