Charles Benninghoff: Jail Time for Climate Skeptics?

Charles Benninghoff: Jail Time for Climate Skeptics?

Obama’s Attorney General says the FBI is pursuing criminal prosecution for denying "climate change." Tell Congress to reject Obama's Paris Climate Accord at:

This is Charles Benninghoff and I have some important news for you today about climate change and House Concurrent Resolution 105.

If you disagree with Al Gore and the Democrat Party and feel that the science related to global warming is not settled then you should know that the Obama administration wants to criminally prosecute you.

Watch this exchange that took place in the US Senate this week between Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) and Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

[Lynch clip from Senate Judiciary Committee]

So the Attorney General admits that she has the FBI looking at criminal prosecutions for “climate change deniers”.

And she also indicates that they are looking at civil asset forfeiture meaning the government could seize your house, your car and your bank account all for exercising your free speech rights.

To understand this issue you need to realize that the federal government has been infiltrated at many - if not all - levels by the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic operatives.

Barack Obama is a Muslim. He was born a Muslim, raised as a Muslim in Sharia law countries and was trained as a Muslim.

The overarching hallmark of Islam is a total lack of free speech.

If a person says anything negative about Islam, Mohamud or the Koran, then the person can be beheaded.

When Obama approaches any issue he attempts to restrict your free speech rights as part of the package.

Obama and all other one-world government zealots see global warming as the biggest taxation scheme and international regulation scheme ever devised by the mind of mankind. Thus, it is imperative for them to impose thought-control over Americans in order to succeed with their carbon taxes, regulatory schemes and intrusions into our freedoms.

The science on this issue is anything but settled.

Just this week the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration -- also known as NOAA -- released a graph claiming that 2015 was the “hottest year ever.”

The graph only showed the last 37 years of temperature data even though NOAA has been collecting this data for 58 years.

When climate change deniers looked at the entire graph covering 58 years they found that average global temperatures have not budged at all.

And NOAA was sued under the Freedom of Information Act as recently as December for refusing to turn over documents showing ALL of their data to the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology.

If the science is truly settled as Obama claims then why are government agencies hiding temperature data from Congress?

The attorney general - Loretta Lynch - is Obama’s mouthpiece and that is why she has been pursuing the criminal prosecutions of anyone denying man-made global warming.

The apostle Paul wrote in 2 Corinthians Chapter 3 Verse 12, “Since we have such hope, we use great boldness of speech.”

The literal translation of that verse could be read “we have great freedom in our speech.”

This is a fundamental difference between Christian and Muslim nations.
In Christian nations like America you are free to use your full reason and intellect to approach any issue.

But to a Muslim like Obama the government is to be used to terrorize your thoughts and speech.

So how do we stop the Justice Department from prosecuting free speech about global warming?

We are supporting House Concurrent Resolution 105 which was sponsored by Representative David McKinley, a Republican from West Virginia.

Obama signed America up for a global warming treaty known as the Paris Agreement in December of 2015.

These prosecutions for “climate change denial” are in our opinion part of the package deal with the Paris Agreement.

House Concurrent Resolution 105 states “That it is the sense of Congress that the Paris Agreement should not be signed, ratified, or adopted by the United States.”

It is imperative that 105 is passed.


We have a campaign page ready for you to contact Congress in support of House Concurrent Resolution 105.

You can send FaxGrams to Members of Congress starting with the House Foreign Affairs Committee which is considering this resolution right now.

If you are on our campaign page just use the form to the right of this video screen to select your FaxGram program.

You can also find a link to a copy of House Concurrent Resolution 105 beneath this video screen.

If you are watching this on YouTube or another channel then look for the link to the campaign page in the description.

Tell Congress to keep the United States out of Barack Obama’s totalitarian global warming treaty which will criminalize your right to speak freely about this issue.

This is Charles Benninghoff signing off and wishing you Godspeed!

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