Charles Benninghoff: Budget Hidden Til After Election!

Charles Benninghoff: Budget Hidden Til After Election!

GOP leaders are hiding the budget that will fund Obama’s Islamic invasion of the USA through social security cuts, veterans’ benefits losses... and more. Tell Congress to release the budget NOW at

This is Charles Benninghoff and in today’s analysis we are going to expose the reason why the GOP leadership in Congress is about to break its promise to pass a budget on time.

They will still pass a budget AFTER the election and their seats are safe.

A Capitol Hill newspaper known as “The Hill” reports that Congress is about to miss a key deadline to get a budget finalized this year.

We believe that Congress will not pass the budget on time because the American people would throw them out of office in November if they knew the truth.

Our belief is that Congress is going to fund Obama’s Muslim immigrant invasion by imposing cuts to social security, veterans’ benefits and other programs for Americans.

You might say that the US Congress is following the European playbook.

Congress already gave approval for America to take in millions of Muslim immigrants and refugees over the next few years -- long after Obama by law must leave office.

The American government is taking in the same Muslim invaders that Europe is taking in.

The Muslims come from the same countries and they are bring the same social and criminal problems with them.

This includes mass public rapes, ATM robberies, jihad attacks in crowded public spaces, total disrespect for women, and a belligerent and violent attitude towards all non-Muslims.

So if we want to know how the American government will treat this issue we can look at what European governments are doing for the pattern.

For example in Great Britain 85% of all Muslim immigrants and refugees are considered “economically inactive.” 75% of women and 50% of male muslims are unemployed and on the dole.

This means they are totally dependent on welfare payments from the British taxpayers to survive.

It is estimated that Great Britain is paying the equivalent of more than $21 billion US dollars annually just for unemployment cash benefits to these Muslims; and NOTE: this does not include non-cash payments such as housing, education, health-care and what the Brits call “Singles Payments” made to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and so on female wives that musselmen are allowed to marry. Can you imagine the cost for a musselman who has taken ten wives?

You will not find these figures in any newspaper. We calculated the amount based on current unemployment benefits for adults in Britain and the number of unemployed Muslims there.

Britain is paying for this by imposing “austerity cuts” on the British citizens which means the UK government is cutting benefits for the native Brits to support the Muslims.

They imposed $17 billion US dollars worth of cuts to the elderly, handicapped and low-income brits while paying $21 billion in unemployment benefits to the Muslims.

You might say they are robbing BOTH Peter AND PAUL to pay Muhammad.

By the way we have links to those studies on our campaign page and I’ll tell you how to find that in a minute.

What would European-style “austerity cuts” look like in America?

It would mean huge cuts to social security, disastrous revisions to veterans’ benefits and many other programs that previously benefited Americans just so millions of Muslims can be paid outrageous, 100% welfare support.

As Paul wrote in Second Thessalonians Chapter 3 verse 10, “For even when we were with you, we commanded you this: If anyone will not work, neither shall he eat.”

The Muslims are not coming here to work but they are expecting a free lunch at your expense along with free healthcare, free housing and cash handouts.

We believe this is the true reason why the GOP leadership now plans to hide the budget until after the election.

They are planning to rob senior citizens, veterans and other vulnerable Americans to pay for the Muslim invasion that they signed off on last year.

If Congress supports cutting social security and veterans’ benefits so that Muslim immigrants can live on welfare, American taxpayers deserve to know that before the election so we can throw them out of office!

Plus the GOP leadership made a promise that if we put them in power in the Senate they would start passing budgets on time. Apparently the only way on-time budgets will happen is if Americans rise up in revolt against the GOP leadership.


We have a campaign page ready where you can send personalized FaxGrams to every Member of Congress starting with the House Budget Committee.

Send FaxGrams today and demand that they get the budget finalized and released on time so that the American people can see what is really in it.

If you are on the campaign page you will find the form to select your FaxGram program to the right of this video screen.

This is Charles Benninghoff signing off and wishing you Godspeed!

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