Crony Capitalism Crushes Americans

American workers are being systematically destroyed by crony capitalism and unless Congress passes the American Jobs First Act this situation will only get worse.

A new report shows that 75% of the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) jobs in the Silicon Valley are held by foreign workers!

The report was published by the Joint Venture Silicon Valley, a public-private research institute located in San Jose, California. (Full Study)

Meanwhile the U.S. Census Bureau says that 75% of American college graduates with degrees in STEM fields cannot find a job! (Source)

American companies working in collusion with dirty politicians in both parties are replacing American workers with cheaper foreigners, which is why we are asking you to send FaxGrams to Congress in support of the American Jobs First Act:

The American Jobs First Act (S. 2394) has been submitted to the Senate Judiciary Committee and you can read a copy of it HERE.

If Obama completely fills the American tech sector with foreign workers (who have no allegiance to America or our Constitution), he will be able to shut down Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter or any other means of communication that he wants, using a one-word command: STOP!

Hiring foreign workers on the battlefield of information (technical jobs) is exactly like hiring foreign soldiers on a battlefield of war!

This is the greatest coup and infiltration of propaganda machinery that the world has ever seen, far greater than Adolf Hitler, Mao Tse-Tung or Josef Stalin ever dreamed of!

This is exactly how Obama plans to shut America down - by eliminating our means of communicating with each other. It is also why we use FaxGrams to communicate with Congress, because it is a much more difficult means of technology to shut down!

Two companies - Disney and Con Edison - made headlines last year when they brought in hundreds of foreign workers and forced American workers to train their replacements.

BuzzFeed reported last year that Hamilton Growers, which supplies produce to WalMart and Green Giant, got on the loudspeaker one day and announced, "All you Americans are fired!"  The Mexican replacements had arrived and dozens of Americans were suddenly out of a job. (Source)

The American Jobs First Act will end the abusive practices of the H-1B visa program. The bill requires companies to pay foreigners MORE than they would pay an American worker.

This visa program is supposed to be a means for employers to fill jobs when they simply cannot find an American to fill a position. Instead, companies are bringing in thousands of foreigners, firing American workers and paying cheaper salaries to the foreign workers.

The bill also bans replacing American workers with foreign workers. It is outrageous that 75% of American graduates with high-tech degrees cannot find jobs, while 75% of the high-tech jobs in Silicon Valley (and other parts of the country) are filled by cheaper foreign workers!

Jesus tells us in Mark 12:31, "Love your neighbor as yourself" and we are told that this is the second greatest commandment.

Is it loving to tell American graduates that they have to live on welfare because companies are bringing in hundreds of thousands of foreign workers who will do the job cheaper? Of course not!


To send a message to Congress in support of the American Jobs First Act click HERE.


By Charles Benninghoff

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