Charles Benninghoff: Support Free Christian Churches

Charles Benninghoff: Support Free Christian Churches

Support Free American Christian Churches and release them from stifling government abuse at:

Hello, this is Charles Benninghoff and I am the founder of Pray for US - Pray for the United States. We are an incorporated church in the state of Nevada and our charter specifically instructs us to support the Body of Christ - even if doing so requires litigation.

In this broadcast we are asking that you support Free Christian Churches and work to release ALL Christian churches from government harassment.

Pray For US has spent years calling for the free speech rights of Christian pastors to be restored in America.

A bill has finally been proposed in the House to do just that!

Imagine if your pastor could stand up in church next Sunday and tell the congregation that they should vote for or against a politician because the candidate bitterly hates Christians but votes for every pro-Muslim bill to come before him.

This is an issue that most Christians in America are unaware of but our church, Pray For US, has been fighting for this issue for years and we believe that the pressure that our supporters have put on Congress helped to bring about this proposed legislation.

Back in 1954 a congressman from Texas, Lyndon Baines Johnson, decided to throttle freedom of speech from the pulpit.

Johnson was frustrated because Christian pastors were not letting him get away with lying to his congressional district’s voters in a fraudulent effort to be re-elected. Johnson was not a Christian and in fact hated the churches so he sought to muzzle the influence of the pastors.

He succeeded. In 1954 Congress amended the existing 501C3 tax statute to include churches in the list of organizations that could sign up for so-called “Qualified” tax exempt status. This meant that if a church followed the new 501C3 rules the IRS would not question whether donations to it were tax deductible, or not.

Qualifying as “tax exempt” meant the churches had to give up their right to freedom of speech.

Thus, churches were lured into qualifying for 501C3 status without bothering to check first and realize that churches were ALREADY tax exempt in the IRS code.

The churches were successfully muzzled by this 501c3 scam perpetrated by the Johnson Amendment!

Imagine how different America would look today if your pastor were allowed to compare the words of Jesus with the words of political candidates!

Well that brings us to this legislation that Pray For US has been in favor of for years and we have helped push this issue to the forefront in Washington, D.C.

And this is also why I hope you will continue to support our efforts -- because we want all pastors to have the same free speech rights that Pray For US has.

Congressman Richard Hudson who is a Methodist from North Carolina has co-sponsored a bill to restore the free speech rights of churches by repealing the 1954 Johnson Act.

If you are on our campaign page then look for a copy of the bill underneath this video screen. If you are on YouTube or another channel then look below to find a link to the campaign page.

The bill repeals the portions of the Johnson Act that allow churches to incorporate as nonprofit 501c3 organizations.

We are fighting for the free speech rights of all pastors through this campaign so please take part in this. It is vitally important to help restore America to our constitutional and biblical roots!

Jesus said in Matthew 6:24 that no one can serve two masters. You will love the one and hate the other, or hate the one and love the other.

By incorporating a church as a 501c3 a church is choosing to serve two masters -- Jesus on the one hand and the federal government on the other.

A church cannot be faithful to Jesus on the one hand and on the other hand have the federal government dictating what pastors can or cannot say.

Not only that but did you realize that this 501C3 tax-exempt status is used to subsidize Islamic jihad from the thousands of mosques that Saudi Arabia is building in the United States?

Here is how this Saudi Arabian scam works:

Saudi Arabian oil is sold in the United States.

Oil money goes back to Saudi Arabia which the royal family uses to build mosques here in America.

The Saudi royal family then enjoys tax deductions for religious contributions and then uses those savings to build more mosques and to finance the same imams preaching jihadi terrorism.

Send FaxGrams to every Member of Congress and tell them to support HR 153.

Freedom of speech will be restored in churches and your tax dollars will no longer be funding the construction of mosques.

Tell Congress you support repealing the Johnson Amendment and restoring the free speech rights of churches in America!

This is Charles Benninghoff signing off and wishing you Godspeed!

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