Charles Benninghoff: Crony Capitalism Crushes Americans

Charles Benninghoff: Crony Capitalism Crushes Americans

Americans are being fired by the tens-of-thousands by crony-capitalist companies abusing the H-1B foreign visa program. Disgusting! Support the American Jobs First Act here:

Hello. This is Charles Benninghoff and today I want to talk to you about the crony capitalists that America’s formerly great leading businesses have become.

Crony capitalism is a term describing an economy in which success in business depends on close relationships between business people and government officials.

Crony capitalism is a disgusting perversion that is plundering America and is caused by allowing international corporations to make bribes - some call them political contributions - to elected officials.

The crony-capitalist agenda is to fire Americans and throw us all on welfare so that internationalist corporations can replace us by importing cheaper foreign laborers.

That might sound far-fetched but more evidence is coming to light every day that the H-1B visa program for foreign workers is rampant with abuse.

This visa program was designed to help companies find highly specialized foreign workers when they cannot find an American to do the job.

But now big Democrat donor companies like Disney, Facebook, Microsoft and IBM are using this program to fire Americans, throw them on welfare and replace them with imported cheap foreign workers.

And as we learned from some amazing testimony in the US Senate last week in some cases workers are even being forced to train their foreign replacements.

The testimony you are about to see is truly disgusting. The man speaking before the Senate Judiciary Committee is a former Disney Information Technology worker.

Watch what he had to say:

[Former Disney worker testimony]

The absolute misery that this man’s family went through is happening all across the country as thousands of companies are now signing up for this program just so they can save a buck.

250 American families were thrown on welfare by Disney so the company could save itself $9 million a year in salary costs by paying foreigners cheaper wages.

And they forced the workers to train their replacements!


But don’t expect the Justice Department under Loretta Lynch to prosecute Disney because a sizeable portion of that $9 million in cost savings is liable to end up right back in the Democrat coffers.

The US Census Bureau says that 75% of American graduates with highly skilled technical degrees cannot even get a job right now and it is because these companies are IMPORTING foreigners BY THE TENS OF THOUSANDS.

This is why we are pushing Congress to pass the American Jobs First Act. This is a bill that will amend the H-1B visa program so that Crony Capitalist companies will have to pay foreign workers MORE than they pay Americans.

In the book of Mark in Chapter 12 verse 31 Jesus said “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Who is your neighbor? Is it the man who testified before the Senate last week about the humiliation of training his foreign replacement and then having to go on welfare? Or is your neighbor the foreigner from India who took that man’s job so Disney could save itself $35-thousand dollars a year?

We believe that our neighbors are our actual neighbors right here in America - namely, AMERICANS!

We also believe that it is an act of hatred to fire one of our American neighbors and replace them with a foreigner who is willing to work for a lower salary.

The American Jobs First Act incentivizes hiring Americans instead of throwing them on welfare just so billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook can save a few bucks.

We need to place a tremendous amount of pressure on Congress to get this bill passed.

Our campaign page is setup right now so you can send FaxGrams to the offices of every Member of Congress starting with the Judiciary Committee in the Senate.

I hope you will speak out against this outrage so we can stop these CRONY CAPITALIST companies from throwing Americans onto welfare and replacing them with aliens brought here solely to destroy America’s standard of living.

You will find the form to send your FaxGrams to Congress to the right of this video screen if you’re on the campaign page.

If you are watching this on YouTube or another channel then look for the link to the campaign page below this video.

Sending FaxGrams is the most effective method we know of that you can use to contact every Member of Congress at once and we provide the lowest cost for our members that you will find in any system we know of.

Please speak out for your American neighbors and demand that Congress pass the American Jobs First Act!

This is Charles Benninghoff wishing you Godspeed!

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