Charles Benninghoff: No Lawyers for Illegals

Charles Benninghoff: No Lawyers for Illegals

An anti-Trump bill would provide lawyers - paid for by YOU - to all illegal aliens in the USA. Tell Congress to reject the bill HERE:

Hello, this is Charles Benninghoff and I am the founder of Pray For US, the Tea Party Army® and also the Rehabilitated Project.

Today I want to talk to you about an outrageous plan that the Harry Reid and other elites in Washington, D.C. have cooked up. They want to provide taxpayer-funded attorneys to all illegal aliens in the United States.

First I’ll explain why the career politicians are doing this suddenly. Then I’ll cover what the bill actually says and tell you how you can get involved and help us try to stop this monstrosity.

Imagine... taxpayer funded attorneys for every illegal alien in the United States... when no one even knows how many illegals are actually here!

Why is there a sudden scramble to give taxpayer-funded lawyers to illegals?

Donald Trump appears to be running away with the Republican nomination for president.

A lot of conservatives are voting for Trump because he says he will deport the illegals and build a wall on the southern border.

This is very appealing to people because the Republicans and Democrats have failed to do it for years... and the problem has gotten much worse due to Obama bringing in millions more each year illegally.

The elites and internationalists and big-money donors who support amnesty are shocked to learn that the American people were serious all these years when we were asking for border security.

So that is what is suddenly driving the establishment politicians to propose these bills that will provide even more benefits -- and more of your money -- to illegal aliens.

We have provided a link to a copy of Harry Reid’s new bill, titled “The Fair Day in Court for Kids Act of 2016” for you to read. You will that link beneath this video if you are on our campaign page.

Notice the hypocritical title: “The Fair Day in Court for Kids Act.”

If you read the bill, you will see that it calls for the Department of Homeland Security and the Justice Department to provide immigration attorneys for ALL illegal aliens in the United States.

If another billionaire drug kingpin like Chapo Guzman were to be arrested in the United States as an illegal alien, YOU would have to pay for his lawyers under this bill.

Obama has let so many illegal aliens into the country from Mexico, Central America, Africa and the Middle East at this point that our immigration courts are backed up at least five years.

If the elites pass this bill, it will back the courts up for at least a decade… and that is their intent.

They are worried that the cheap labor from the illegal aliens will go away… and the Democrats will lose all of those potential votes if Donald Trump moves to speed up deportations. So their solution is to provide lawyers at taxpayer expense to every illegal alien in the country!

And by claiming that the bill is for children, Harry Reid is daring any pro-American Senators or Representatives to vote against it.

The Democrats will turn around and claim that the Republicans hate children if they vote against his bill.

I would also note that there will be a rush to pass this bill because if Trump wins the nomination and eventually wins the election in November, this bill, if passes, could undercut his future efforts to deport illegals.

The lawyers -- paid for with your money -- will throw as many obstacles in the way as possible to prevent a Trump administration from making good on its promise to the American people.

This is why we have to stop this bill in its tracks.

Exodus chapter 20, verse 15 should be a very familiar Bible verse to everyone that applies to bills like this. The verse says, “You shall not steal.”

How much money will Congress steal from the American taxpayers if they vote to provide lawyers for every illegal alien in the country?

We cannot even put a price-tag on that figure, because no one knows how many illegals are actually here.

The federal government has been telling us there are eleven-million illegals here since 2001, but the real number could be more than 30 or 40 million.

Here is how you can help. If you are on our campaign page, use the form to the right to send a message to Congress immediately and tell them to reject what we are calling the Lawyers for Illegals Act.

If you are watching this video on YouTube or another channel, look for the link below the video screen.

When enough of us speak out together against this sham bill, the politicians WILL listen.

Republicans in Congress need to know that they will pay a price at the ballot box if they vote to provide attorneys for every illegal alien in America.

The way that we make them listen is by flooding their offices with FaxGrams and phone calls to let them know how we feel.

This is Charles Benninghoff with Pray For US and the Tea Party Army® signing off and wishing you Godspeed!

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