Charles Benninghoff: Censure and Condemn Obama

Charles Benninghoff: Censure and Condemn Obama

Censure & Condemn Barack Obama Campaign Page:

Hello, this is Charles Benninghoff. I am the founder of the Tea Party Army® and, as well, Pray for US - Pray for the United States.

Today I am going to discuss with you a new resolution to condemn and censure Barack Obama in the House of Representatives. This resolution puts Obama on notice that if he does not change course immediately when it comes to specific and vital national security and foreign policy issues, he could face impeachment charges before he leaves office.

House Resolution 588 charges Barack Obama with dereliction of duty as America’s commander in chief.

Our campaign page contains a fully copy of House Resolution 588 that condemns and censures Obama, so you can read it for yourself.

Here are just some of the areas where Obama has been derelict in his duty to protect the lives of Americans, which are listed in the resolution.

First and foremost, Obama has failed to require the Department of Homeland Security to properly vet any of the so-called Syrian refugees, many of which are not even Syrian.

Because of this, the FBI now has more than 900 active investigations in which agents are trying to track down and stop Islamic State or ISIL sleeper cells in the United States.

Next, Obama willfully ignored the advice of his own generals and national security advisers. Obama ignored them and now, jihadi terrorist groups have captured more land and resources than at any time previously in history.

ISIL is chopping the heads off of Christians and Muslims on a daily basis in Syria and Iraq and the only reason they are in power and threatening us here in America is because, as the resolution states, Obama “willfully ignored” national security and foreign policy advice.

The resolution also contains provision related to the Iran nuclear deal, Obama releasing jihadis from Guantanamo Bay without giving notice to Congress, and destabilizing Libya without congressional authorization.

I personally believe this was intentionally done by Obama, whom I believe to be a musselman, for the purpose of harming America in general and Christians specifically.

Why is this resolution to condemn and censure Obama different?

Previous measures to censure Obama have gathered dust and gone nowhere, but in this case, many Members of Congress and even some Democrats are nervous about Obama’s efforts to bring an estimated 250,000 Islamic refugees into the country from Syria without vetting any of them for ties to ISIL or AL Qaeda.

House Resolution 588 has been submitted to the Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, which indicates that the Judiciary Chairman is taking this resolution much more seriously than any previous resolution we have seen.

Impeachment is the next step if Obama doesn’t wise up and start carrying out his duties to protect America.

This process mirrors the biblical process of church discipline, which starts privately, then escalates to include more witnesses and finally results in the offending person’s expulsion.

Jesus describes this in Matthew 18 when he says first, go to a person who is sinning and tell them the problem in private. Verses 16 and 17 state, “If he will not hear, take with you one or two more, so that by the mouth of two or three witnesses, every word may be established. If he will not hear, tell it to the whole church.”

If they still refuse to mend their ways, Jesus says to treat them as a heathen and a tax collector and kick them out entirely.

Obama has been warned in private repeatedly by his generals and national security advisers that he will get Americans killed if he stays on the current course. House Resolution 588 escalates the process to bring in the whole Congress and if Obama does not mend his ways, the next step is to impeach him and throw him out!

Here is how you can help. On our campaign page, you’ll find a form to send FaxGrams to Congress starting with the House Judiciary Committee. Demand that they support and pass the Resolution to condemn and censure Barack Obama for dereliction of duty.

We’d also like to add that this resolution has been co-sponsored by Christian Representative Brian Babin of Texas, who has been leading the fight to keep Obama’s unvetted Syrian jihadi refugees out of the country. We will be supporting Mr. Babin’s future reelection efforts and hope you will too!

We have provided an economical and efficient method to write about your support of the resolution to condemn and censure Obama. If you are on our campaign page, you can utilize the form on the right of this video. If you are watching this video on YouTube, Twitter or other sites, you will find a link below that will take you to our campaign page. OR, just visit us at This campaign will be prominently displayed.

This is Charles Benninghoff signing off and wishing you Godspeed!

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