Charles Benninghoff: American Jobs First

Charles Benninghoff: American Jobs First

Take action, follow this link to contact Congress: Hello, this is Charles Benninghoff and posed in front of an image of Geroge Washington’s headquarters in Valley Forge, which could be called our Great Nation’s first Pentagon!

Today I’m going to discuss the incredibly abusive practice of some companies that are firing American workers and replacing them with cheap foreign workers, and what we can do to stop this practice.

A new report shows that 75% of the science, technology, engineering and math jobs in the Silicon Valley in California are held by foreign workers!

This report is an annual study put out by Joint Venture Silicon Valley, a public and private sector research institute located in San Jose, California. We have a full link to this report on our campaign site.

In addition, 45% of ALL employees in the Silicon Valley are now foreign-born workers who were brought there on H-1B work visas.

Meanwhile the U.S. Census Bureau says that 75% of American college graduates with degrees in technical fields cannot find a job!

This is happening because some companies, including major companies such as FaceBook and Microsoft, are abusing the H-1B visa program.

This visa program is supposed to be a means for employers to fill jobs when they simply cannot find an American to fill a position. Instead, companies are bringing in hundreds of thousands of foreigners, firing American workers and paying cheaper salaries to the foreign workers.

American companies working in collusion with dirty politicians in both parties are replacing American workers with cheaper foreigners, which is why we are asking you to support the “American Jobs First Act”, Senate bill 2394.

Senate Bill 2394 has been submitted to the Senate Judiciary Committee and we have posted a link to a copy of the bill on our campaign page, I’ll give you directions to that in a second.

Two companies - Disney and Con Edison - made headlines last year when they brought in hundreds of foreign workers and forced Americans to train the foreigners as their replacements. The American workers were FIRED in order for Disney and Con Edison to get cheaper wages.

BuzzFeed reported last year that Hamilton Growers, which supplies produce to WalMart and Green Giant, got on the loudspeaker out in the field one day and announced, "All you Americans are fired!" The Mexican replacements had arrived and dozens of Americans were suddenly out of a job.

The American Jobs First Act will end the abusive practices of the H-1B visa program. The bill requires companies to pay foreigners MORE than they would pay an American worker.

The bill outright bans replacing American workers with foreign workers. It is outrageous that 75% of American graduates with high-tech degrees cannot find jobs, while 75% of the high-tech jobs in Silicon Valley and other parts of the country are filled by cheap foreign workers!

Jesus tells us in Mark 12:31, "Love your neighbor as yourself" and we are told that this is the second greatest commandment.

Is it loving to tell American graduates that they have to be homeless, under-employed, subject only to part-time employment or live on welfare because American companies are bringing in hundreds of thousands of foreign workers who will do the job cheaper? Of course not!

The entire Democrat Party supports this scam system because it leads to many new Democrat socialist voters when the foreign workers apply for and receive citizenship. The Republican leadership supports it because the Republican party receives campaign contributions (bribes) from the companies that want the cheap labor.

It is time to end this scam and that is why we are supporting the American Jobs First Act.

The bill was co-sponsored by Christian Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama. 83% of the entire electorate supports freezing immigration or reducing it and Jeff Sessions is one of the few Senators who understands this and is working make it happen.

Therefore, we will be supporting Senator Sessions’ future reelection efforts and we encourage you to support him too!

So, how can you help?

Contact Congress today and tell the House and Senate to support the American Jobs First Act. We need to end this practice of firing Americans and replacing them with cheaper foreign labor and it will require all of us speaking out to convince Congress to do this.

We have provided an economical and efficient method to write about your support of the American Jobs First Act. If you are on our campaign page, you can utilize the form on the right of this video. If you are watching this video on YouTube, Twitter or other sites, you will find a link below that will take you to our campaign page. OR, just visit us at This campaign will be prominently displayed.

This is Charles Benninghoff signing off and wishing you Godspeed!

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