Why the TransPacific Partnership Must Be Defeated

Why the TransPacific Partnership Must Be Defeated

World leaders traveled to New Zealand in early February 2016 for the Trans-Pacific Partnership signing ceremony.

This so-called “Partnership” is also known as Obamatrade or the TPP, and it is a global 12-nation trade deal that you need to be concerned about!

House Speaker Paul Ryan says he wants to ram Obama’s treaty through Congress “as soon as possible” because Ryan knows that next year a Trump or Cruz administration could kill the deal in order to save American jobs.

Here is some new information that Obama and Ryan do not want you to know about.

FIRST - Economists at Tufts University in Massachusetts have just released a groundbreaking study on the Partnership and what they project it will do to America.

The gurus at Tufts state America will be the "hardest hit" of all Partners and will lose at least 448-thousand jobs.

SECOND - Our entire economy will permanently shrink by over $900 BILLION if the TPP is ratified by Congress.

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Thousands of pro-jobs Kiwis turned out in protest against the TPP signing ceremony.

Worst of all, the Tufts University researchers predict that every nation involved in the TPP will see its wages collapse as economies “race to the bottom.” In other words, whoever has the cheapest wages will be the country that is most attractive for internationalist corporations to build their new factories.

Americans will be competing with communist Vietnam where workers are paid 40-cents-an-hour.

The ONLY thing Congress can do at that time is subsidize every American worker and thereby create additional HUGE budget deficits.

Paul Ryan will run away with the $2.3 million dollars in pro-Obamatrade campaign contributions that he has accepted and Obama will be retired, while American workers will be left to suffer with the consequences, wondering what happened to our once-great and prosperous nation.

Every American needs to speak out against the Trans-Pacific Partnership and tell Congress to reject this deal!

Click HERE to participate in a campaign that our church, Pray For US, is waging against the anti-American TransPacific Partnership.

By Charles Benninghoff

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