Deny Martial Law War Powers to Obama

Deny Martial Law War Powers to Obama

Congress will vote very soon on a joint resolution to grant Barack Obama the authority to declare martial law in America, thereby virtually erasing our constitutional form of government.

Watch the video explaining this resolution and then use the link at the bottom of this page to send FaxGrams to Congress:

The legislation is Senate Joint Resolution 26 which you can also read at the link below.

More Resources:

Former Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) states that SJR 26 will allow Barack Obama or any future president to wage war on Americans by giving him martial law authority.

We will be working to "primary" Lindsey Graham out of the U.S. Senate at the next opportunity because of his repeated assaults on our Christian nation. We urge you to oppose Lindsey Graham's candidacy too!

In addition, please share this message on your social media pages with your family members, friends and acquaintances:

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Charles Benninghoff,
Founder:  Pray For US - Pray For The United States
Founder:  Tea Party Army®

Original campaign and referred documents are found at this link:

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