New Fast & Furious Revelations

New Fast & Furious Revelations

Obama's Fast & Furious operation to destroy the Second Amendment continues into 2016 after a "lost" rifle was recovered at the hideout of a notorious Mexican drug lord.

When the authorities arrested Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman in January in Mexico, they recovered a high-powered .50 caliber rifle that was sold in an American gun store. This proves beyond a doubt that Barack Obama did not "lose" 1,400 military-grade weapons in Operation Fast & Furious, but rather that Obama sold those weapons directly to the most dangerous drug cartel in the world.

In addition, a federal judge has ruled that Obama cannot claim "executive privilege" to hide former Attorney General Eric Holder's Fast & Furious paperwork.

With these two huge developments, plus the fact that John Boehner is no longer in the House and able to cripple the investigation, Americans need to demand that Congress pick up the Fast & Furious investigation once again and go after Obama!

Never forget: CBS News reported that Operation Fast & Furious was carried out by the ATF with the full knowledge that Americans would be killed by the Mexican mafia, and that those deaths would be used to demand further gun restrictions on YOU.

Obama ordered this operation to arm a Mexican drug cartel so that he could undermine the Second Amendment and take away YOUR right to keep and bear arms.

We have stated from the beginning that if the full truth about Fast & Furious ever comes out it will be irrefutable grounds to impeach Barack Obama.

That is why we have to demand that Congress follows through. We cannot allow them to drag their feet any more and we cannot let the new Speaker of the House help Obama cover this up!

American Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed by Fast & Furious weapons in 2010. At least 200 Mexican civilians were killed by rifles linked to Obama's Fast & Furious sales. And multiple weapons have been recovered in border states at the scenes of shootouts between drug gangs.

This was exactly what Obama WANTED to happen but he did not count on getting caught!

King David sang in Psalm 144:1, "Blessed be the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle."

As Christians we are commanded throughout Scripture to be armed and prepared to defend our homes and the lives of our loved ones and neighbors. The right to self defense is a basic human right bestowed on all of us by Jesus and our Second Amendment is what enshrines this right into law.

Obama hates the Second Amendment so much that he was willing to sell military weapons to drug cartels so that the cartels could in turn murder Americans and justify stricter gun control regulations.

We have to tell Congress to follow through and expose the full truth about Fast & Furious for this reason.

By Charles Benninghoff

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