Charles Benninghoff Invocation 2014 Western Conservative Conference, Phoenix, AZ

Charles Benninghoff Invocation 2014 Western Conservative Conference, Phoenix, AZ

The Western Conservative Alliance's 2014 conference in Phoenix hosted Chuck Benninghoff, the Founder of the internet church Pray for US - Pray for the United States where he provided the Invocation on the subject of Biblical Support for the 2nd Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

This video was taken during the invocation, which focused on the misconception that the 2nd Amendment was a creation of the American Revolution. It was not as its foundation is clearly derived from the Bible. That every one of the Founder Fathers was Christian is undisputed and that all took freely from Biblical sources as their inspiration for our Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Right is also acknowledged.

Mr. Benninghoff tied these facts together to show why a prayer to Jesus to divine aid is, then, fully within the Christian call to self-protection, protection of the family and of the Body of Christ, itself.

Mr. Benninghoff shared a Bible Quote, Luke 22:36, that tells us that Christ encouraged his followers and all Christians to “Sell your Shirt and Buy a Sword”. Christ admonished all to buy a sword because He knew that Christians would be under attack all over the World after He died on the Cross. As we have seen in the news, this is now a reality.

It was noted that many liberal Pastors refuse to accept this passage in the Bible. They claim it is some sort of poetic phrase from the Lord.

Mr. Benninghoff also noted that the current US President, Hussein Obama, was very friendly with groups overseas that are dedicated to destroying Christians. Thus Americans will imminently be under this threat in time.

In closing, Mr. Benninghoff again encouraged the audience to “sell your shirt and buy a sword. Christians have a calling to protect themselves, their neighbors, and the Body of Christ.”

Mr. Benninghoff gave a lovely Innovation by Blessing the food and the Attendees. He again admonished them again to “Go out, sell your shirt, run around naked from the waist up and go buy a sword.

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