Video: What Is A FaxGram?

Video: What Is A FaxGram?

One of the fundraising tools we use through my company, Grassroots Campaign Creations, Ltd., is the FaxGram campaign. The following tutorial video shows people how to use Grassroots' FaxGram system.

For people who have used this system for a while, the process is very easy. But as churches, candidates, causes and other clients of Grassroots bring new followers on board in their fundraising efforts, it can be confusing for the "newbies" to jump right in. This simple video was our solution.

Bob Mallory and I wrote the script for this and had it produced by an excellent company that has done other great work for us in the past. This tutorial video is now featured at the top of every campaign landing page that Grassroots Campaign Creations builds, so that new users can watch it and quickly understand the system.

By Charles Benninghoff


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